P.S. I love you – Cecelia Ahern

ps-i-love-youFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 503

Rating: 5/5

The Blurb

What would you do if someone you loved left you so suddenly?

After the passing of her husband, Gerry, life is difficult for Holly and many unwanted fears rear their ugly head. Receiving a series of thoughtful letters springs Holly into contentment and helps her deal with everyday life.

A thoughtful novel about loss, love and friendship.


Please note there will be some spoilers in my review.

I received a copy of ‘A Place Called Here‘ as a gift and after reading it I automatically fell in love. I decided the next book I should read was ‘P.S. I love you’.

My first thought was that I was worried it would be hard hitting and an emotional read and at the time I didn’t fancy reading something like that. However, I was pleasantly surprised, the tone was thoughtful, yet humorous.

I wish every novel could have a main character like Holly. She’s down to earth and I just felt automatically drawn to her personality. You don’t pity her or over sympathise, you generally wish her all the luck and happiness. Each member of Holly’s family are great; Cecelia Ahern has definitely thought of the minor and major details of each. I think everyone should have a sister like Ciara – she’s bubbly, funny and just hilarious!

The idea of writing a letter to open each month is just fantastic; not only does it keep Holly happy and occupied, but it makes her realize why she married Gerry in the first place.

When Daniel was introduced I just felt like he would eventually be a love interest for Holly and I was ready to start rolling my eyes. Now, I’m not too keen on this type of predictability, but they don’t fall in love and personally, I liked that. In some novels that I have read they typically flirt to death and immediately fall in love, even after five minutes of knowing one another. What I liked was that Holly and Daniel connected through similar life situations and actually felt comfortable talking about how they were feeling.

All in all, I loved ‘P.S I Love You’ and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It does make you think that life is for living and that we shouldn’t worry about things and we should just live each day like it’s our last.

I also like the writing style of Cecelia Ahern, which, for me, makes a big difference. I won’t even consider finishing a book if it’s written poorly. (Slightly, hypercritical, I know).

You can purchase ‘P.S I Love You’ on Amazon and find Cecelia Ahern on Twitter at @Cecelia_Ahern.

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  1. This is a great first review, Clare, I don’t know why you were worried to post it! I am really looking forward to seeing you post more reviews 🙂
    I haven’t read this yet, although it is probably her most famous work so I guess I will be picking it up soon!

    Best wishes,
    E. xxx

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