Time for Tea!

A fancy package arrived on my doorstep this morning and of course, I was very excited. What’s inside I hear you say? Well, just take a look below!


It’s some Tea! I ordered some amazing sample packs of Popcorn, Chocolate Flakes and Matcha from the guys and girls over at Teapigs. They even sent me an Earl Grey sample, which I’m currently enjoying as I sit and type this post!

For those of you that don’t know, Teapigs is a great and ethical Tea company that believe in providing high quality products that not only taste amazing, but make you feel good, too. Oh and did I mention that they love drinking tea?

You can find out more at www.teapigs.co.uk or follow them on Twitter at @teapigs. Go on, show them some love.

Popcorn/Chocolate Tea

Just look how cute the little boxes of Tea are? I’m definitely going to keep them and find a place to show them off.

What’s your favourite flavour of Tea?

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4 thoughts on “Time for Tea!

  1. Oh wow. You must let us know what they taste like. I don’t really like fruit teas. I like peppermint and Twinnings green tea with peach and cherry blossom but I’ve not liked any other teas apart from English Breakfast.

    1. I tend to add Sugar to most Fruit Teas because otherwise they taste funny haha. I’m hoping the Popcorn and Chocolate will be sweet! I definitely let you know 🙂

      Thanks for posting comments on my blog!

      Clare x

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