My TV Boyfriends

The lovely Jenny over at Jennyinneverland tagged me in her post ‘Top 5 TV Boyfriends’ and of course, I was only too happy to get involved. I actually found it quite difficult because I don’t tend to watch much TV. However, who doesn’t want to search the Internet for images of hot men?

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1 – Jonas Armstrong – Robin Hood
I first saw Jonas Armstrong in an adaptation of Robin Hood on BBC1 and immediately thought he was gorgeous. I’m sure he has been in recent TV shows, but Robin Hood is what I remember him from.

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2 – Patrick Dempsey – Grey’s Anatomy
He’s a Doctor – need I say anymore?

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3 – Justin Chatwin – Shameless (USA)
I’ve cheated slightly as he appears in many more movies than TV, but in my defense he is in the US version of Shameless. This may sound incredibly shallow, but I only like him with relatively short hair.

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4 – Chris Fountain – Coronation Street/Hollyoaks
Well, he was on Coronation Street (UK Soap Opera) until a video leaked of him rapping about doing horrible things to women. Stupid boy! I guess it’s a good job I’m being shallow because his personality wouldn’t make it on my top 5.

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5 – James McAvoy – Shameless (UK)
Yeah, I know I’ve used Shameless twice, but James McAvoy was the original Steve. He’s just so cute and lovely!

I tag anyone that wishes to join in!

Happy Hunting!

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