Tethers – Jack Croxall

TethersFormat: Kindle
Series: The Tethers Trilogy

Rating: 5/5

The Blurb

In the wake of a cold Victorian winter, Karl Scheffer and Esther Emerson discover an anonymous journal filled with strange passages and bizarre scribblings.

The journal soon draws them into a covert and sinister conspiracy, a conspiracy centred around an otherworldly artifact with the power to change everything …

Karl and Esther have spent almost every day of their thirteen years in the quiet market town of Shraye. Stifled by their rural surroundings and frustrated by their unfulfilled ambitions, they find the allure of the journal’s mysterious pages impossible to ignore. The book seems to be beckoning them away from Shraye, away from their homes and towards the coast where an unsolved disappearance has set in motion a dark chain of events.

The voyage the teenagers soon find themselves undertaking is one of desperate importance and true peril; it will change the way they see the world, and each other, forever

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The Review
I was kindly sent a copy of Tethers by the author himself, Jack Croxall, so, I’d like to thank him for that. I always feel privileged when people are willing to send me copies of their books.

Tethers was perfect for me because I love Victorian fiction and more so, when it’s written so beautifully.

The novel is set in Nottingham and focuses on a mysterious set of objects that Karl and Esther become fascinated with. Karl and Esther are the two main characters who you’ll end up loving no matter on the circumstances. They question a villager named Mr Cauldwell whom encourages them to undergo an unexpected adventure and leads them to places they never expected to visit.

During the adventure they come across a number of people who will either help or hinder their findings. One of these being a man named Harland who knows Mr Cauldwell very well. As a little spoiler he is actually a very kind man that helps the pair and even goes about teaching Esther how to use a sword. (It sounds less drastic than it is.)

Karl and Esther form a great friendship, which seems to be very rare these day. You can evidently tell that they care deeply about one another. However, you do sometimes forget that they’re only 13 years old – they are definitely mature for their age.

I think Harland was my favourite character from Tethers and he treats Esther with so much love that it makes you value him so much more. It definitely seems like a father and daughter relationship without actually being biological.

All the men in the book are very courageous and fight their own battles. However, don’t forget the feisty Esther she’s just as strong as any of the men.

Tethers was a great read and definitely makes you think about Nottingham and how beautiful it would look. Please go and read it!

You can find Jack on Twitter at @jackcroxall and online at www.jackcroxall.co.uk

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