What’s next, Clare?

I realise my blog is a bit stagnant lately and it’s because I need to sort out some great filler posts as I just seem to include reviews!

This post is exactly what it says on the tin ‘What next, Clare?’. I have many great reads in my to read pile and I need to get my bum into gear and start reading,  a lot faster!

The following books are what I’m really looking forward to reading.

SMALL-NSH Penny Reid – The Knitting in the City Series

I first heard about Penny through Twitter and she has always been lovely and talkative. (Even if she has scared me into putting The Shinning into the freezer!)

The Knitting in the City series is full of romance and comedy, which is always a great combination. I don’t think it’s going to be clichéd and full of sickly lovely-dovey nonsense, it’ll be cute, sexy and funny. There’s currently 2 in the Series so I’ll definitely read them both and wait patiently for the 3rd, which is on its way.

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MuttonIndia Knight – Mutton
I was recommended the book Mutton by a friend and I thought the blurb sounded really good. It follows Clara Hutt and how she is going to deal with getting older. Does she copy her friend and get some Botox or even a little nip and tuck?

It’s either going to be a great read and you find it funny or it’s going to make you think Clara is stupid for putting herself under the knife, but we shall see; my friend wouldn’t have recommended it if she thought it was bad.

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The MomentClaire Dyer – The Moment
I have been looking forward to this title for a while now and I’m just annoyed that it’s book three in my review list. However, I think it’ll be worth the wait. The Moment is based on two ex-lovers who meet after 25 years apart and arrange one last time together and to discuss their future.

I’m just very curious as to what’s going to happen and whether or not their futures include one another. I’m a sucker for books like this.

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the-uni-file-cover-art Anna Bloom – The Art of Letting Go

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but after seeing The Art of Letting Go and how beautiful it was I knew I had to read it. The main character is 25 and as I’m due to turn 26 this week, I can relate to how she is feeling. I just fancy reading something that I feel will open my eyes and make me realise that age doesn’t matter! (No old jokes now Jenny! ;))

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