Paperback vs. Kindle?

I’m sure many of you have thought and even written pieces about this grand debate, but I fancied writing one, too.

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Books vs. Kindle – which do you prefer?

This question is on many lips right now and with the increase in tablets and technology it’s no wonder.  According to Yahoo! News an estimated $4.5 Billion will be made on Kindle Sales in 2013, which suggests that a lot of people are joining the Kindle revolution.

I’m slightly hypercritical because I work in the computing  industry and without technology I wouldn’t have a job. However, I’m using my ‘I love Books’ head and not my ‘But, if you didn’t use Technology you’d be broke’ head.

Well, which one? I can hear you call and my answer is both. (Slightly obvious really, but shush  :P)

Books Kindle
The feel of a book in your hands is just brilliant. I just want to hug them all the time and squeeze them.

I find reading a book is easier on my eyesight – I don’t even know why! I struggle to read my Kindle for long periods of time and mine’s the older version which supposedly stops any problems.

They constantly remind me of my youth. Getting a book from the library or book store brings back happy childhood memories where my Nan and I would choose them together and we’d have fun. Even though now my Nan loves her Kindle.

E-books are cheaper. I will happily pay full price for a book, but when you’re on rubbish pay and have bills to pay for Kindle deals are great!

There’s a bigger opportunity for authors to publish.Since I’ve started my blog I’ve noticed many authors are published quicker and can often be self-published. This is great. I love how it’s giving everyone the resources to get their books out there.

The Kindle is lightweight and you can carry as many books as you want. I do admit to getting annoyed that my book doesn’t fit into my bag and I have to leave it at home. The Kindle is perfect for those that travel a lot and if you’re going on holiday it’s even better!

I posted the question to my Twitter friends  (with help from Emma – thank you) and got lots of responses. I was actually amazed at how different they all were.

Em@afternoonbooker – “Ahh I’m gonna be hated but Kindle, i just find convenience wins – I love a book though xxx”

Louise@jaustenrulesok “a Kindle for holidays but my heart belongs to paperbacks :)”

Emma – @EmmaIswriting – “If you would have asked me this question two months ago, I would have said Paperback and I wouldn’t have even considering buying a Kindle. But since being the owner of one (which I named Weasley), I’m sitting on the fence. I was never a lover of Kindles because author’s write narratives in order to be on bookshelves, well I do anyway! There is a publication house called HarperImpulse who only publish on Kindle and in order to review their books, I had to have a Kindle. I still love Paperbacks because I love having them signed by the authors and you can’t get a Kindle signed! However, I’ve noticed that I read a lot quicker on Kindles because there are as many lines as there are in a Paperback. All in all, I’m on the fence but I’ll always lean more towards Paperbacks because that’s what I grew up with!”

Jenna@RatherReadYA – “I prefer my Kindle.”

Jayd@jayd_amber – “Paperback! Even though i read faster on a kindle, it isn’t as satisfying.”

Jenny@jennymarston_xo – “Think it depends on the individual. Kindles are perfect for commuters and traveling but personally I prefer books. Don’t think it matters as long as your reading something! xxx”

AnandaThisChickReads – “I’m old fashioned so I’m gonna say books. I love my kindle, but prefer physical books. xx”


Above is just a snippet of what you all thought. Thanks to everyone that got involved and if your name isn’t mentioned above, don’t worry, I still read what you wrote and it helped a great deal!

What do you prefer?

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  1. Kindle.It’s SO convenient, plus it has an in-built dictionary. It’s great for holidays, it takes up such little space it means I can have more room for clothes. also you can carry all your books in one convenient package.

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