Not Another Happy Ending – David Solomons

Not Another Happy EndingFormat: Kindle (E-Book)
Publisher: Harlequin (UK) Limited
Published: Sept’ 13

Rating: 5/5

The Blurb
With her debut novel, Happy Ending, JANE LOCKHART pulled off that rare double – critical acclaim and mainstream success.

But now, with just the last chapter of the follow-up book to write, she encounters crippling writer’s block. She has no idea how her story ends…

This is not good news for her publisher, TOM DUVAL. His company is up against the wall financially and the only thing that will save him is a massive hit, in the form of Jane’s next novel.

When he discovers that his most important author is blocked, Tom realises that he has to unblock her or he’s finished. Everyone knows that you have to be unhappy to be really creative, so Tom decides that the only way he’s going to get her to complete the novel is to make her life a misery…

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I’d like to thank NetGallery for giving me the opportunity to review. I’ve never heard of the book before so I was quite looking forward to it.

Jane Lockhart has always wanted to be a published author and after several rejection letters is given a chance to live her dream. Her new opportunity sees her forming a professional relationship with a big headed Frenchman, Tom Duval. Tom is overly critical and likes the use of a good red pen and as Jane’s publisher; Tom wants the best for her, or so he thinks. The pair form a turbulent partnership which creates a roller-coaster of emotions.

Jane Lockhart is the type of character that you just can’t help but love; she’s hardworking, endearing and Scottish. She takes a family heartache and somehow turns it into a positive, which obviously makes you love her even more. I’ve never suffered from writers block, well, not often so I can only imagine it being quite a difficult problem to overcome.

I don’t know why but in my head Tom was an incredibly sexy Frenchman and when Jane started to dislike him my mind was screaming ‘Noooo’. Tom was a devious man and he did conjure up plans to make Jane miserable, but even so I still held a place for him in my heart. He did always have a heart of gold it just took a while for it to come through and I think Jane knew this all along.

One thing I did really like about Not Another Happy ending was the other characters that made an appearance. There was Nicola, another client of Tom’s, Roddy, Tom’s friend and Benny, Jane’s Dad. They padded the main character’s dialogue and complimented the story perfectly. I always think it’s nice to have other characters that make an impact and make you feel warmth towards them.

I wasn’t expecting ‘Not another Happy Ending’ to be as good as it was, so all in all, I was pleasantly surprised. Also, the novel is due to be adapted into a movie and you can find out more at

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