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Mia ThermopolisHey guys! It’s my first guest post and I’m so excited! I’m August from Loving life. You can find my blog here.

If you haven’t already guessed it, the topic of this post is if I could be any book character who would I be? This was a tough decision. I’ve read so many books with loads of characters that I would love to be, but I decided to take it to my school days. I chose Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries. I still remember when I first got the first book. It was World Book Day and there was some event going on in Blackwells. My parents are massive advocates of children reading so she took me and my brothers along. I can’t remember how, but I managed to win the book and it came with a real cool sheep bookmark.

Anyway I digress. I chose her because I feel like I can already relate to half of her life. Obviously I’m not a princess but I was so awkward growing up. To be honest I’m still pretty awkward. But I just thought it would be so cool to be able to be awkward just like her but yet be a ruler of a country! All the body issues she had like with her hair I totally got! My hair is still pretty uncontrollable and annoying!

I also could relate to her hate of public speaking. I’m not too bad these days but at school I tried to use any excuse possible to avoid giving any kind of presentations. On the plus side to make up for all the awkwardness, being a princess means I could shop when I want, go wherever I wanted, drive around in limos whenever but still have a relatively normal life. The thought of an awkward, clumsy princess is perfect! After all, royalty are people like you and me. They aren’t gods so this concept was a breath of fresh air for me. By the way, I thought Anne Hathaway played her great. I just didn’t like the fact that the second film had nothing to do with the book. Anybody else relate?

I’d love to see which book character you guys would love to be!

Thanks for reading!!

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