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i-heart-seriesWhen I saw Clare’s tweet about a guest post on her blog I answered straight away. I have had so many fellow bloggers helping me out over the last couple of weeks, giving me enough time to blog and study simultaneously I thought I would love to help out in return! So here I am. The brief for the post was if I could be any book character in the world who would I be, straight forward right? Wrong, there are two characters that I would give my right arm to swap with so I was faced with the decision to make, over who I would prefer over the other.

In the end I couldn’t decide so I went with a game of eeny meeny miny mo and ended up with Angela Clarke from Lindsey Kelk’s I Heart series (the other wonderful character was Meg Stiles/Jefferson from Paige Toon’s Johnny Be Good.

Firstly, let me express my love, and I actually mean can’t get enough actual in love with this series I am. I mean really. Devour, would be the word I’d use instead of read in relation to these books.

The very first time you meet Angela, she has just been crapped on from a great height by her rat of a boyfriend so she does the only thing a sane, right minded, scorned woman would do and jumps on a plane to New York. No hotel, no friends in the city, no plans and at the current moment in time, no qualms about the fact that she has just taken the meaning of the term running away to a transatlantic level.

I loved Angela straight away, and my love for her, and what feels like a friendship with her has deepened with every book in this series. She’s freakin’ awesome.

So, why would I choose to be her if I could? There are many reasons, but I guess the top 3 would be, she lives in New York, she’s married to Alex Reid (premium book boyfriend material) and she has a great life surrounded by great friends.

I have always wanted to visit New York, but living it through Angela’s eyes is great, you get like a half tourist/half New Yorker view of it. She’s British after all so the tourist in her take you to all the sights, refers to friends, but still has a penchant for M&S, but New York seems to flow in her veins, and probably thanks to Lindsey Kelk actually living in New York now, you get a more kind of on the ground tour of the city.

Alex Reid, where do I even begin? Hot, that’s one word to describe him, but honestly, he just seems like a really great guy. He clearly adores Angela, like loves her to bits so it’s always cute when you get a glimpse of what he is thinking/feeling about her, not through narration but through his actions in the book.

Thirdly her fabulous life and great friends. Her life, as it is now, has not come without one or five mishaps along the way and Angela is generally plagued with self-doubt and is easily stressed, leading to her bottling up her problems, which usually then explode in her face, Vesuvius style. But whilst this might make her look like a bit of a plonker, she always gets her life back on track. She actually has quite a lot of common sense and is quite perceptive. Her friendships are truly amazing, and I like to think her best friend is rivalled by my own, so we are already similar in that respect.

You can find Erin at her blog at and on Twitter at @erinschoicee

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