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famous-fiveWhen Clare asked me to write this post I wracked my brains as to who I would possibly want to be if I could be any character from a book. When I think about my life now, I just couldn’t think any characters with the right balance of ditz and geekiness (and interest in drainage – that’s my day job!) that I would want to swap lives with. So I had a bit of a think about all of the books that I have read at different times in my life, and why characters have appealed to me, and came up with this one.

George from the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.

I’m an only child and when I was growing up I was always a bit lonely as being a lifelong nerd didn’t really lend itself to being popular in the playground. Even when I was a child I sought solace in books and read a ridiculous amount, taking the maximum number of books I could from the local library, reading my way through the primary school library in record time, reading and rereading my own books and even making a start on my mum’s Catherine Cooksons! I have gone back to the Famous Five books time and time again over the last 20 or so years, and each time I read them they don’t lose their initial charm.

I always dreamt as a child that what happened to George could happen to me. One day I would meet some cousins that I had never met before, we would become BFFs and all go off and have adventures together. I really wanted to find this long lost family and discover that I owned a secret treasure island and get to camp out on it. The reality was that I lived in a Cardiff suburb with my parents and our dog, my only cousin was 8 years older than me and more interested in his SEGA Megadrive and the only adventure I had was camped in the back garden with my dad sleeping on the patio just in case.

I truly longed for the freedom that George had, and loved that although she was a bit weird, her cousins still wanted to play with her and they all had a jolly good time!!

I’m still waiting for those long lost cousins and the inherited treasure island. Maybe one day….

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