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If I could be any book character in the world, I would gladly choose Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter books.  To me, he is the epitome of the underdog.  At first he appears to not be very talented in anything– he sort of just blunders his way through life.  But as the Harry Potter books progress, you get to see more of Neville and realise that he is extremely talented; he just had to find something he was passionate about.  I can definitely relate to this.  I am not an overly social person; I find I never say the right thing when I’m supposed to.  But just like Neville, who found Herbology to be his gifting, I find that my introverted personality serves me well for writing my novels.  I like to look around and observe people, and from there imagine them in humorous situations.  But, apart from our similarities, I also strive to be more like his character in ways that I am not.  Neville is extremely brave; he isn’t afraid to say if he thinks something is wrong and I think that is a quality that should be embraced more in everyday life.  I like reading, and writing, about heroes and heroines who stand up for what they believe in, even if their argument is not the most eloquent.  One of my favourite quotes from the Harry Potter books (and there are many!) is when Neville wins the House Cup for Gryffindor in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:  “’There are all kinds of courage,’ said Dumbledore, smiling. ‘It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr Neville Longbottom.’”.  Also, very jealous of his Remembrall. I have a ‘mental note’ system which is severely flawed…

Emily Harper Head ShotAbout Emily Harper:

Emily Harper, author of White Lies and Checking Inn, has a passion for writing humorous romance stories where the heroine is not your typical damsel in distress. Throughout her novels you will find love, laughter, and the unexpected!

Originally from England, she currently lives in Canada with her wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, mischievous son, and a very naughty dog.

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