Blurb or not to Blurb?

I have been curious about this topic for a while and I wanted to see what other book bloggers and readers thought.

When you read a book review, do you prefer to have a long or short blurb?

My reviews on ‘A Book and Tea’ contain the blurb of the book first and then behind a ‘continue reading’ tag my review. I wonder sometimes if readers find the blurb too long and don’t fancy reading my review.

Personally. I think the blurb should be there, but maybe an edited version should be placed instead. That way it’s long enough to see what the book is about, but short enough so that your attention will still be there to read the review.

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Blurb or not to Blurb?

  1. jennyinneverland says:

    Ooh interesting topic!

    I think they should be there. I personally ALWAYS read the blurb someone has wrote before reading their review cos I can tell from the blurb if it’s the kind of book I’d read or not 🙂 xx

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