Inshallah – Sybill Powell

InshallahFormat: E-Book (Kindle)
Published: 24th March 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 298

Rating: 4/5

The Blurb
Jinnya a wilful but otherwise a conventional Saudi girl had her life turned upside down at Abba airport when she admired an English expatriate, Mark Maxwell. Through a series of fateful situations they meet and fall in love, breaking the civil and religious laws of the country. Fighting against all the difficulties they plan their future together, only to be discovered by her brother. He has the agonising task of choosing between his religion and his sister and to a faceoff with Mark his friend. Eventually deciding for his sister he is now set against his father who is of an older generation with strongly held religious views.

Originally written in 1978 it is of that time when Saudi Arabia had recently become a united country but a country of contrasts, between the more and less religious elements, between the rich and the poor, between a desire to modernise and a desire to maintain the discipline of the old. This forms the background to the novel and highlights the challenges facing the young couple.

The end leaves the reader to make up their own mind as to rights and wrongs of the tale.

The Review
Thank you to Sybil for sending me a copy to read and review. I really appreciate authors taking the time to contact me.

I was quite excited for Inshallah and after reading the novel, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I found it  thoughtful and inspiring.

Over the crowds of a busy airport Jinniya sets eyes on Westerner Mark. The feelings are entirely reciprocated and Mark sees himself transfixed by Muslim Jinniya. Their encounter sees them developing a forbidden love and hoping that nothing can step in their way.

I feel for Jinniya and Mark because I couldn’t imagine not being able to freely fall in love with someone without it being forbidden. It makes you think that it doesn’t matter what culture you belong to or religion you believe because if you’re in love, you’re in love.

I also think it must be hard for Jinniya’s brother to comprehend how he should feel about his sister’s feelings. Not only is he bound by the countries laws but he too is a business associate of Mark. He needs to make an important decision that won’t affect anyone or cause them harm.

Personally, it’s times like this that make me feel that people should fall in love regardless. It’s what’s inside that count and no one should be able to stop you loving.

The author has done a fantastic job in conjuring up a world that I know nothing about and making me really enjoy finding out about the Saudi culture.

I would highly recommend anyone reading ‘Inshallah’ because it definitely needs to be read by more people!

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