Mexican Kimono – Billie Jones

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Format: E-book (Kindle)
Publish Date: 7th December 2013
Publisher: Really Blue Books
Pages: 185 pages

The Blurb
Mexican Kimono is fast-paced, satirical chick lit by upcoming Australian author, Billie Jones, guaranteed for a laugh or three. Narcissistic Samantha simply can’t resist buying the beautiful kimono at auction on a whim. That’s what credit cards are for, right? And then the kimono’s curse starts taking apart her life, spectacularly and destructively, one hair extension at a time, and Sam’s in for a hell of a ride.

Rating: 3/5

The Review
I was sent a copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

I would love to give Mexican Kimono more than 3 stars, but sadly it just didn’t ignite my imagination.

You follow the life of Samantha a twenty-something female from Perth, Australia. On a whim she decides to buy a 10,000 dollar Kimono and dreams of exciting and new things. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan and she ends up finding herself in many dramatic situations that affect her life.

Samantha is horrible and I would never want to have a friend like her. All she cares about is her appearance and treats everyone like crap just to make herself feel better. I thought she would change her ways, what with all the bad things happening to her, but no, nothing fazed her.

I know I’m contradicting myself slightly but the novel itself is written perfectly and I like how it’s in first person. I guess it is always nice to read a story through the eyes, ears and of course, dialogue of the main character.

I always feel bad for giving anything less than 3 stars, but the main character is just far too self-absorbed for my liking.

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