Boss Girl – Nic Tatano

20140309-090701 pm.jpgFormat: E-Book (Kindle)
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Published: 20th February 2014
Pages: 288 Pages

The Blurb
Sydney Hack is the single, thirtysomething VP of news for a failing network… and she also has a taste for younger men.

She soon realizes a whole lot of over-thirty female viewers do as well, so she sets out to give these women what they want; a chiseled, trophy buck in his twenties sitting on the anchor desk next to a woman…

Just. Like. Them.

With nothing to lose she does the unthinkable; along with three female managers who happen to be her best friends she brings out the casting couch and turns it into a sleeper sofa. Doesn’t matter that the men have no television experience. As long as they look good. And there’s a hint of romance in every newscast.

Ratings skyrocket as a result, but Sydney and her female cohorts discover something else along the way…

True love is not always age appropriate.

Rating: 3/5

The Review
Thank you HarperImpulse for providing me a copy to read and review through Net Gallery.

Sydney Hack is a powerful and strong woman who works for a television network. Her boss Madison is changing things and decides to create one big network called the CGR. Luckily for Sydney the network change sees her working with four of her best friends. All of them are sex mad and enjoy sampling the anchors on set. Will this type of activity work in their favour? You’ll have to find out!

I’m not sure where to start really because I had very mixed opinions. I gave ‘Boss Girl’ 3 out of 5 not because it was terribly written or anything, more that I didn’t like the topic.

I’m all for Girl Power and it’s nice to see a group of woman take control in a high powered business, but, the fact they slept with everyone and acted how they do made me roll my eyes a little. I hate it when men use woman so it doesn’t matter on the gender, I just don’t like how it was portrayed in the novel.

Now onto something positive. As much as I didn’t like the sexual element, I loved how strong the women were and how they actually thought about the relationship side of things. When they entered the courtroom you could tell every eye was on them and they stood up tall. I also thought the story development was great and you didn’t ever think ‘oh that is predictable’ you were kept on your toes all the way through.

You can purchase ‘Boss Girl’ on Amazon UK.

Find out more about Nic at and on Twitter at @NicTatano.

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