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Thanks to Jenny at Jenny In Neverland for nominating me to try the ‘Chocolate Book Tag’.  I really needed to put my ‘thinking cap’ on because the questions (although easy) required lots of thought, however, it was a good tag to be involved in!

hey-nostradamusDark Chocolate: a book that covers a dark topic
For this I’d have to choose Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland. The story is based around a tragic high school shooting with descriptions from the event and you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to read the novel. If you haven’t already read it I recommend you giving it a go, I loved it.

I would recommend many of Douglas Couplands books because they are thoughtful and make you think about life situations.

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doubting-abbeyWhite Chocolate: your favourite light hearted/humorous read
Doubting Abbey by Samantha Tonge is a great book and the comical things Gemma got herself into really made me chuckle. She rode on a lawnmower imitating a scene from Titanic and even flicking an onion into a posh ladies hair. I did find myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions and I would definitely put this into a humorous read section. If you haven’t already I would highly recommend you giving it a go!

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the-shock-of-the-fallMilk Chocolate: a book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read
There are loads of books that I need to read and have had a lot of interest, but currently, it would have to be The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. The topic of Mental Illness is quite close to my heart, so I’m quite interested to read what it is all about. I do worry that the hype is fabricated slightly because it has won and been nominated for a number of awards. However, many 5 out of 5 reviews can’t be wrong, can they? It is the next novel in my to read list, so you will all  be able to see my thoughts and feelings.

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the-art-of-letting-goChocolate With a Caramel Centre: a book that made you feel all gooey in the middle whilst you were reading it
Anna Bloom’s The Uni Files series, HANDS DOWN. By gosh, they are fantastic and after reading I always feel all gooey (and heartbrokenbut in a good way); they are beautifully written. You follow the ups and downs of Benjamin Chambers and Lilah McCannon’s relationship. Even thinking about it makes me go ‘Ohh’. Please, if you only listen to one thing I type in this post, go and read the entire series, you will thank me, I promise!

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You can read my reviews here.

the-fault-in-our-starsWafer Free KitKat: name a book that has surprised you lately
Erm, I think this may have been the hardest one to answer. I would say a lot of books surprised me lately, but that’s a sentence full of cliches. A little predictable but ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ surprised me and probably not for the right reasons. Don’t get me wrong I did like the story and thought it was well written, but there seemed to be too much hype for me.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read. Please don’t hate me, I still love you all!

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You can read my review here.

bonne-femmeSnickers: a book that you’re going nuts about
I’m currently reading Bonne Femme by AR Simmons and it’s quite frankly, amazing. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I first started reading, but now I can’t stop. Bonne Femme is book 1 in the series and I will definitely be reading the next. The series is based around the life of an ex-solider Richard Carter and the stress of being friends with someone who is struggling.

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married-aliveHot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows: a book you would turn to for a comfort read
It would have to be Married Alive by Julie Burchill. I’m not even sure why I turn to this book for a comfort read because it is typically predictable and in all fairness it’s not that great. I also don’t really like Julie Burchill so I don’t know where the whole ‘comfort’ comes from.  It’s quite worrying that I read it often, isn’t it? Wow, I just checked and it was published in 1999, how very old school!

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I tag: anyone that fancies doing it. Go on, I know you want too 😉

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  1. I’ve just done this tag too. It was so much fun. You’re right too, it makes you think. Interesting answer about The Fault in Our Stars! I haven’t read it, but have only heard good things about it. Nice to have another opinion.

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