Dragon Wraiths – Amanda Martin

Dragon-WraithsFormat: E-book (Kindle)
24th February 2013
3AD Publishing
341 pages

The Blurb
“My name is Leah. For a quarter of my life I have known the time and place of my death. I have spent the last four years running, from the truth, from the place. I can’t run from the time. It’s tomorrow.”

On Leah’s 12th birthday her parents are injured in a car crash. With her dying breath, Leah’s mother tells her she will join them when she turns 16. Which means Leah will die. That’s if the unseen enemies who murdered her parents don’t get her first. Leah seeks out Uncle Theo’s help to escape both the enemies and her prophesied fate. It seems a fool-proof plan, until she falls for Theo’s son Luke

Rating: 4/5

The Review
I came across the novel Dragon Wraiths after I posted a recommendation for a fantasy novel on Twitter. It was one of those moments where I thought ‘oh, I really fancy reading some fantasy’. I haven’t read enough lately, so it was a nice change.

Dragon Wraiths follows the life of teenager Leah after a tragic incident that happens on her 12th birthday. Sadly, both her parents are killed and she is facing the world alone. Her Mother’s dying words hold many unanswered questions and she finds herself revealing the answers and wondering why she wasn’t told sooner. It comes to light that in a different world, she is a Dragon and can control whether she wants to live in her human body or her dragon’s.

Leah to me was the type of character that was strong, determined, yet scared. One minute her parents were alive and happy and the next, they were gone. I’m not sure anyone could deal with such a situation, let alone at the age of 12. This outcome means she has to grow up and grow up fast. I couldn’t always comprehend the fact that a young girl would openly go about living an independent life (even though she went into care). When she finds Luke and Uncle Theo, I think her worries in life died down a little, but I didn’t like how she formed a romantic relationship with Luke. Personally, I don’t feel it made any difference if they developed it or not, she would have still followed her plan and gone about finding out about her dragon life (she’s a determined lady).

During the novel, Leah finds herself travelling between two worlds, one being Earth and the second being a world ruled by Dragons. The descriptions Amanda creates are perfect and mesmerising and you constantly find yourself immersed in the landscape of each world. Fantasy novels in my opinion need detailed descriptions of the surroundings so your mind can piece it all together. I’ve read some before where they give you a description here and there and you just can’t picture how the world would look. It’s a great talent of the author if they can create a world where you can escape reality.

I loved that Dragons were involved because I can’t say I’ve read many with these creatures, most of the time it’s vampires, witches and werewolves. I found myself wanting to wrap some blankets around my shoulders so I could jump out the window and fly, I mean I really want to fly. (Don’t worry no one was injured in this fantasy, I haven’t jumped out the window, just yet).

You can purchase Dragon Wraiths on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Find out more about Amanda at writermummy.wordpress.com and on Twitter @WriterMummy

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