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Steven KedieI always appreciate authors taking the time to take part in a Q + A session on the blog and today, I am joined by author of Suburb, Steven Kedie.

Steven’s current novel is all about Tom Fray who has returned home from University and has designed a plan of action for his future. However, he realizes things don’t always go to plan.

Welcome Steven to ‘A Book and Tea’, are you having a good day?
I am thanks.

Who those for aren’t familiar with your work, what can we expect from you latest release, Suburb?
You can expect a story of a young man (Tom) who is not quite an adult yet, but not a kid anymore either, discovering who he is and who he wants to be.  It’s about his desire for adventure and the decisions and mistakes of youth. It looks at how experiences can change the dynamics of relationships.  It also deals with an extramarital affair.

From reading your bio, Tom and yourself have similar lives, would you say you based Tom on certain elements of your own life?
Being a lad from the suburbs of Manchester writing a story about a lad from the suburbs of Manchester, there were always going to be similarities.  Those things are:  the suburban upbringings, parents who work hard to give their children opportunities they didn’t have, a desire to travel and see more of the world than the streets around where we grew up.  The main link between the two of us though is the feelings, at 21 years old, of being unsure of our place in the world.  Although I don’t think those feelings are unique to me and Tom, or to kids from Manchester.

There are differences too.  Tom went to university, I didn’t.  Tom has a brother, a relationship that is explored during the story, whereas I’m an only child.  Also, I’ve never had an affair with a married woman.

My father in law read the book and for some time referred to Tom as “you” (meaning me).  I had to keep reminding him that I’ve been with his daughter since I was 18 and if the things that happen to Tom in the book happened to me, we probably wouldn’t be married now.  I certainly wouldn’t be welcome to his house for Sunday dinner.

Did you know you always wanted to write a novel?
I’ve always had stories I wanted to tell.  The novel format seems to be the best fit for many of them.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?
I’m currently working on the first draft of my new novel. It’s a first person account of an Olympian’s life covering three Olympics (2008-2016).  It’s about rivalry and what it takes to succeed as a top level athlete. The overriding themes so far are dedication and sacrifice, and how they impact not only on the character but also his family and relationships.

If you could have written any book (published or otherwise) what would it be and why?
This question is hard.  I’ve given this a lot of thought.  At first I was going to say The Damned United by David Peace which is my favourite book.  But then I thought that it is the book it is because of Peace’s style and vision for the story.  I’m not sure I’d want to mess with that. If I’m being honest I’d have to say Harry Potter.  Everyone wants a book that creates that kind of impact in the world and the financial rewards wouldn’t be bad either.  Imagine being able to meet the Queen and offer to lend her money.

And finally, how do you take your Tea? Everyone who visits my blog gets asked the question. I’m a tea lover, you see!
White, no sugar.  Not too strong, not too weak.  My tea drinking is normally accompanied by some kind of chocolate based product.

About Suburb
SuburbTom Fray leaves university with a simple plan; get a job, save some money and go travelling.

To put his plan into action he moves home to the suburbs of Manchester where he finds the people he left behind all stuck in the same routines as when he went away.

Feeling trapped between his old and new lives, Tom is desperate to escape. Then he meets Kate, a married neighbour and his simple plan becomes a lot more complicated.

You can purchase Suburb now on Amazon.

About the Author
Born in Manchester in 1982, Steven Kedie began writing at an early age. In secondary school Steven wrote a script as part of a drama project on bullying. It was the first piece of writing he shared with anyone. The positive feedback received lit a fire in him and he’s been writing ever since.

Steven has worked on the checkouts in a major supermarket, for a rubber products manufacturer, at Granada Television (a job he quit to go backpacking around Europe with his then girlfriend, now wife) and for a vehicle leasing company. He has spent time in all jobs daydreaming about characters, plotting and planning future stories.

Steven lives in a Manchester suburb with his wife and son, who he hopes will one day read the work he has published. His spare time is spent running, cycling, watching too much sport and American television.

Suburb is his first novel.

Find out more about Steven at his website www.stevenkedie.com, on Facebook and also, on Twitter at @stevenkedie.


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