Your best kept secret?

screenThe other day I was talking to a work colleague about creating websites and owning a blog site and it came into conversation that I ran a book blog. She wasn’t shocked or anything and quite liked the idea, but it made me think ‘Who actually knows about my blog?’.

Offline the only people that know about it are Tom, my boyfriend, (as we get lots of mail and he wonders what it is) and my work colleague, who I actually didn’t intend to tell.

A Book and Tea is my best kept secret and very few people know about it. It’s not because I’m ashamed, more that I want to keep business away from pleasure. I guess if anyone did actually ask me about it I would tell them, I just don’t think I’d openly inform people during a conversation.

I’m also not sure if people understand why you’d want to put so much effort into something if you weren’t really getting much out of it, (even though you get a lot out of it).  Many people I know don’t actually read, which is alien to me! I mean who doesn’t like reading?!

I was curious as to what other book bloggers thought and who they told about their blogs, so why not find out below! You can view the blog of each by clicking their name.

Sophie ‏- – “Maybe brief mentions but my blog is personal to me and like to keep that side of me more private :)”.

Shaun – –  “Yep and they laugh or don’t ‘get’ it. So try not to talk about it cos offline people get bored. Weirdos…”. – “my boyfriend, best friend and family and 2 people in the office, also the postie, but no other wise!”.

Jenny – “Erm, not really. I sometimes tell my mum or boyfriend if anything significant has happened but other than that, no!” – “I tell people but sometimes can see their eyes glaze over #nonbookpeople”.

The Girl in the – “Nobody knows about mine! :)”.

Sam – “my husband and family know but others think I’m weird lmao hubby does sometimes too lmao!”. – “Only if I think they might be interested but otherwise no”. – “I do, but they look at me as if I am crazy lol”.

So, what about you? Is your blog your best kept secret? Let me know in a comment or Tweet me at @abookandtea! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how most of us said the same thing? Because of my Facebook page for my blog, I’m sure the majority of people on my friends list KNOW about it but whether they read it or even care about it is a whole different matter. I think people who don’t like books as much as we do just don’t understand! Haha xxx

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