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There has been a lot of negative things flowing around the blogging community lately so I thought I’d do a little post about what I love about book blogging and why I do it.

My ‘little’ space on the web, A Book and Tea, started life in September 2013. I’ve always loved to read and also, living in my imagination so I thought ‘let’s set up a blog’ and as they say ‘the rest is history’.

Why do I love book blogging?

It’s a great excuse to read lots and lots
I used to read a lot before blogging so it’s not much of a change, but hey any excuse to read more is great, isn’t it? I’m one of those people that reads more than they watch tv or listen to music. People always laugh when I tell them the only things I make a point of watching are Corrie (Coronation Street) and America’s Next Top Model. You can stop giggling now!

You make great friends
I have made lots of amazing and inspiring friends from book blogging and I would honestly be lost without them. It’s great to find other people with similar interests and more so when they love to talk about books, just like you! I was accepted straight away and made to feel so welcome and I’ll always be grateful!

There are a host of amazing publishers and authors
Well, where do I begin? The amount of publishers and authors that have been generous to me is unbelievable. I would never expect to receive as many books as I have because that’s not why I started to blog, but I receive books frequently. I always do my best to thank each and every one so please never think I take it for granted. To all of you I’m sending you a great big thank you!

It’s increased my awareness of different genres
Before blogging I used to stick to a few genres and not really venture out to anything new, but now I’ll happily read anything. Some of the best books I’ve read have been from genres or topics i’d have never thought about previously. Also, never disregard self-published authors they’re definitely hidden gems.

Book bloggers out there, what do you love?

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10 thoughts on “Blogging – What I love!

  1. Ah this is lovely, always nice to see a positive take on everything when things start to get a bit sour – which they definitely have! Same as you really, the friends I’ve made will always be at the top of my list πŸ™‚ Along with all the new fantastic books/authors/genres I’ve come across which I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t start blogging πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Oh yes, a little bit of positivity this Thursday πŸ™‚ glad you enjoy blogging! Plus, I need you youngsters to help me in my old age hehe. Xx

  2. What a lovely post! πŸ™‚ Same here. The lovely people I’ve met online and discovering new genres and books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. xx

  3. Great post – It’s true that publishers are so supportive of book bloggers, and although I don’t receive all that many books, the contacts I have made are the nicest people.
    The community itself is lovely too – it has its moments(!) but overall the bloggers I have met and spoken to have been wonderful, friendly people πŸ™‚

    1. I’m really glad you enjoy book blogging! I love hearing what other bloggers think. Publishers are amazing they are really kind, the same for authors. X

  4. I’ve only just started blogging but I love it. Lots of friendly people on Twitter and I’ve had some great free books sent to me as well.

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