All in the Leaves – Pat Elliott

allintheleavesFormat: E-Book (Kindle)
Publisher: 12th November 2013
Pages: 270 Pages
Series: The Leaves Series

The Blurb
A tea-leaf reading.
A prediction of a fabulous life to come. Can your future really be told in a cup?

Anna is feeling down in the dumps. She’s nearly thirty, painfully shy and has no boyfriend. She’s still living at home and has a boring job. Can this really be all there is?

A chance bout of tears leads to a tea leaf reading which predicts a wonderful future for her.

A future which promises a new career, a new home and a husband. All by the following Christmas.

Join Anna as opportunities arise, calamity strikes and the battle for happiness begins.

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Thanks to Pat for sending me a copy to read and review. I’m very grateful!

Anna is upset and she feels like her life is going no where. She decides to go see her friend Barb who let’s Anna into a little secret, she can read tea leaves. Anna drinks her cup of tea faster than you can say ‘what you can read tea leaves?’ and waits to see what her future holds. A series of events are revealed which brings happiness and joy. Anna believes her life is looking up.

Well, what can I say? The ‘All in the Leaves’ was a treat. There was talk of tea and website design (two things I love) and of course, lots of cake. Granted, there was a few heartache moments, but still it made you feel warm and happy inside.

The first thing that jumped into my head when reading ‘All in the Leaves’ was that I’m sure Pat based the character of Anna on me. Everything about her character sounded so familiar, the shyness, the designing of websites and of course, the not being a confident person. It honestly made me think that Pat had been a fly on the way in my life, very spooky. However, I will say that I am probably more confident than I make out, so I’m not that bad of a person. The more you read, the more you realise that Anna is the type of person you’d love to be friends with and she would treat your friendship with so much respect. Chloe, her best friend, is a frequent character in the novel and the pair are a great team.

The only thing I didn’t like about Anna was that she seemed to fall in love very quickly on numerous occasions. Personally, it just didn’t seem natural or even realistic. You did find yourself thinking she was a little selfish and stupid.

I fear I may be repeating myself but those who are familiar with my reviews will know that my biggest pet peeve is things being too predictable. I will admit to thinking some negative emotions at the beginning because I thought certain things would happen, but after that I was very wrong. The novel kept me hooked throughout and I was even shocked on numerous occasions, there we’re definitely lots of twists and turns.

You can purchase ‘All in the Leaves’ from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Find out more about Pat on her website at and on Twitter on @feetpaintwords.

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