It’s a TBR decider!

The other night I was looking at Sam from The Book Corner’s YouTube channel and I loved her video about the ‘To Be Read’ jar. The concept behind the jar (I’m sure you all know) is that you write all your TBR books onto paper and put them in the jar, when you’ve finished a book you use the jar to choose your next. Now whoever thought of this idea was a genius! It gives you the opportunity to read a number of books without struggling.

I’ve changed mine slightly and rather than use a jar I’ve used a colourful box instead. I don’t have enough pretty things to decorate a jar and I don’t think I even have a spare jar in the house.

20140503-050034 pm.jpg
Doesn’t the box look pretty?

20140503-050146 pm.jpg
I had to hand write all the books onto paper because I don’t have a printer (it took ages).

Do any of you have a TBR jar or box? How do you decide what you will read next?

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10 thoughts on “It’s a TBR decider!

  1. I did a post about this yesterday for my book challenge! I struggle SO MUCH to choose my next read. This is a genius idea!

      1. I’m totally going to do this. I’ve been trying to decide my next read for the best part of a bloody week. Thanks for bringing this tip to my attention πŸ˜‰ x

  2. I’ve seen loads of people doing these recently, they’re SUCH a good idea! I think I’m gonna go ahead and make one because lately I’ve been so picky with books, it’ll save so much hassle! πŸ˜€ Your little cupcake box is so pretty! xx

  3. Love your box. I decide what to read based on the mood im in, i love lots of genres so picking one out of a hat wouldnt do for me. Great idea though
    Gill x

  4. What a gorgeous box! I wanted to have a TBR jar but I too don’t actually have a jar lying around so I may have to do the same as you and use one of my many pretty little boxes πŸ™‚ x

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