Love Me For Me – Jenny Hale

Love Me For Me CoverFormat: E-Book (Kindle)
Publisher: Bookouture
Published: 23rd May 2014
Pages: 290 Pages

The Blurb
Sometimes you find perfect where you least expect it…

Libby Potter has just lost the perfect job, the perfect apartment and the perfect boyfriend. Moving back to the same home town that she couldn’t wait to escape when she was younger was definitely not on her to-do list. Especially as it means running into the man whose heart she broke when she left.

Pete Bennett can still walk into a room and make Libby’s world stop with just the sound of his voice – even ten years on. Only now, she is the last person in the world that he wants to see.

As everyone else welcomes Libby home with open arms, she realizes she’s missed that special closeness that comes from lifelong friendship. And, as Libby tries to make amends with Pete, she begins to wonder whether she made the right choice in leaving all those years ago.

When an amazing career opportunity gives her the chance to leave again, Libby will have to decide what her version of perfect is… and where she really belongs.

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Thank you to the author Jenny Hale and of course, Kim from Bookouture for sending me a copy to read and review.

Libby has lost everything and she doesn’t know what to do. On reflection she needs home comforts to calm her mind and to help her decide her next plan of action. She travels home to White Stone where she sees old friends, her family and most of all, her high school sweetheart Pete. Everything is comforting to her in the small town and it’s actually making her happy. But, will moving back to New York make her feel even happier?

Well, let’s just say I had a few tears when reading ‘Love Me For Me’ and that’s because it was filled with so much love and care. Libby sees lots of people and she always makes a point of visiting Pops and Pete. To Libby, Pops is a family friend that was a father figure to her when growing up and Pete was a past love. I adored Pop with all my heart because he reminds me so much of my Grandad and just how close we are. I too didn’t have a dad growing up and my Grandad took on the role. Libby must have been heartbroken when she realized that Pops was suffering from Dementia because it’s seeing someone you love deteriorate and turn into someone their not. She did get upset and it was clearly justified but she was also strong for other people.

The main thing I always thought about when reading was just how nice and relaxing White Stone was. It was a small town with a beach and everyone knew each other, but everyone was incredibly happy. Sometimes people tend to live on fast forward and they don’t take the time to just sit back and relax. I’d love to live somewhere where I could just step out my door and be near the beach and not be next to a street full of horrible people. ‘Love Me For Me’ definitely makes you think that at least one day of the week you should step back and spend time in a quiet and peaceful environment.

One negative for me was the lack of dialogue, the novel was very descriptive and on a personal level it’s not something I like. However, you certainly won’t be put off by this because you’ll be too emotional involved with Pops and Pete that you won’t really care!

You can purchase Love Me For Me from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Find out more about Jenny at her website and also on Twitter at @jhaleauthor.

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