Everyone loves a Book and Tea

There have been a few developments and updates with the blog recently and I’d like to let you all know about them. I don’t tend to write posts like the one I am, but hey, it’s something new isn’t it?

A Book and Tea is now on Facebook
Yeah, you’ve read correctly. I’ve taken the plunge and created a Facebook page. I’m not really a Facebook kind of girl, but I think my blog would benefit from the new jump!

So, if you haven’t liked it already please go and click the button at www.facebook.com/abookandtea

I now accept children’s books for requests
I have several nieces and nephews that would benefit from this new addition. We always read things together so if I can share the love and get them reading more, it’s a great big positive for me!

If any authors or publishers would like the little ones and me to read and review, please email strawberryglow9@gmail.com!

The awareness of ‘A Book and Tea’ is spreading far and wide
Recently I’ve had a lot of blog visitors, followers of the blog and social media interaction. I’m completely overwhelmed with how many of you have been showing your love for ‘A Book and Tea’. A post last week received 135 visitors and many, many views. Plus today I had my 92 follower. I can’t even describe how happy I am with this. I never started this blog to even get 1 follower so to have 92 lovely ones is brilliant. I love each and everyone of you.

This also leads me onto another point….

100 blog follower giveaway
I know I’m being very premature, but when I hit 100 blog followers I’m going to host a great big giveaway. Currently, I have a few books and some bits and bobs that I will include in the package. However, if any of you lovely authors would love to join in, get in contact on Twitter at @abookandtea or email me here. You will obviously get lots of promotion and lots of love.

So, there you have it! There are some bits and bobs to keep you entertained until I post my review of ‘Paradigm’ by Ceri A. Lowe on Wednesday.

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  1. Hi Clare,
    Would a PDF of Beneath the Blossom Tree be appropriate for your giveaway?
    Regards, Laura
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