Rainbow Rowell Signing

It all began one Friday evening, when I popped onto a train and headed all the way to sunny Liverpool. I met up with the lovely Emma, Katie and Abbey and we started the evening with a cheeky Mcdonalds. (Shush, the nuggets were great).

The signing was held in Waterstones within Liverpool One and we were all seated for an author talk and a Q and A session.


I’m the type of person that likes to know everything and hearing lots of interesting facts and reasoning’s behind all of Rainbow’s books was fascinating. Not only that but you got to see Rainbow be herself and tell us things about her life and interests that you don’t always get to know about.

Once all the juicy gossip had floated around the room and we found out some great stuff, it was time to meet Rainbow and get our books signed.

fangirlsignedDoesn’t it look pretty?

Do you know what I loved? The fact that Rainbow is absolutely adorable. She was incredibly generous to all that attended and spent time signing lots of books, tote bags and took photos with everyone. I’d happily take her accent and put it into a jar and when I’m feeling all sad and low, open it up and hear her voice – it’s comforting and full of joy.


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  1. What a great time you had. I’ve only recently heard of the lady in question and I can’t wait to read her books

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