100th follower GIVEAWAY

Woo hoo, I have hit 100 blog followers! (Well, it’s now 115!). Thank you so much to everyone that has pressed that follow button and shown their love for ‘A Book and Tea’. I know lots of people say it, but I did not expect to get 10 let alone 100, so thank you!

As a celebration I decided to film my first ever video! It’s not amazing and it’s one continuous video (no editing) so please excuse how amateur it looks. It was made to say thank you to you all!

(After uploading to YouTube there was a weird buzzing, sorry about that! Plus I like to use my hands.)

As mentioned in the video above, you can win the following prizes:

– A £10/$10 Amazon Voucher
– E-Book of Beneath the Blossom Tree by Laura Bailey
– E-Book of Safe and Sound by TS Krupa
– Paperback of Awakening Around Roses by Michelle Endersby
– A Twinnings Tea selection

So, what are you waiting for get entering!



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