A new addition to the Henry household.

I’m sure many of you are looking at the title and thinking ‘I didn’t know Clare was pregnant’ or ‘did you she get another dog?’ but you’d be definitely wrong. Firstly, Mac the puppy is a lot to handle and lastly, babies are not on the agenda for a looonnggg time.


The new addition to the Henry household is this fabulous new bookcase I bought last weekend. My collection of books is slowly piling up on the floor and with a puppy that likes to chew everything, it’s not the best. Tom and I decided to do a little shopping and on entering the Charity Shop I knew the bookcase was for me! We did try Ikea, but our car wasn’t big enough and they charged a lot of money for delivery. Plus, I’ve done a good deed and given my money to a good local charity.

Some of you may be sitting there and thinking ‘IS she mad?’, I might be, but that’s ok because I’m a mad woman with a nice new bookcase. We’re trying to sort out each room in the house and I’ve acquired the spare room for all my books and I think I may have it as a little reading room. This is the perfect excuse to go and look for a comfy chair or a selection of bean bags to sit on. I’m very excited now.

Do you feel all giddy when you get a book related product?

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