#Forfeit – Caroline Batten

#ForfeitFormat: E-Book (Kindle)
Published: July 31st 2014
Pages: 436 Pages

The Blurb
Getting divorced at twenty-five sucks

Teaching over-confident rich kids instead of designing handbags for Mulberry sucks. In fact, every single aspect of Daisy Fitzgerald’s life is one big…

Enter Xander, a veritable Knight-in-Shining-Cricket-Pads, who knocks her off her wedge heels and into his world of It-girls, players and Michelin stars.

Buoyed up on cocktails & escapism
Daisy agrees to play Forfeit, the ultimate game of dares, where a simple kiss sparks her relationship with Xander. But £25,000 is up for grabs and the game’s called Forfeit for good reason.

Blackmail – Betrayal – Revenge
Move over Gatsby, there’s a new bunch of bored young things in town

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Thank you to Caroline for sending me a copy to read and review.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when I saw #Forfeit I knew it was going to be good – just look at how pretty the green and pink is.

At the beginning I found Daisy to be awfully irritating and I thought it was going to be a very long read. However, the more I read, the more Daisy’s guard dropped and you saw the real her. Daisy was a take no crap kind of girl and I liked that, I mean when do you ever get a family character that stands up for herself? Very rarely!

I’m not sure why but I found Xander incredibly sexy. How you can determine someone is sexy by words is a little strange, but hey I did. Although, he appeared like a ladies man you knew he had a heart of gold and he would treat anyone with respect; that’s what I like in a man.

Daisy and Xander’s friendship was flirty and fun. Sometimes you just need a little flirting in your single life to make you happy. However, Daisy did treat him badly on several occasions. She needed to actually sit down and think about what she wanted because she was hurting too many people with her bad decision making.

#Forfeit was an amazing game and if I had lots of money I would definitely try and get my friends to play. (Not with the added sexual tension I have to add).

It was refreshing to read a novel that was different from the norm. It had elements of the standard chick-lit (which are never a bad thing) but also different and more exciting situations.

#Forfeit is full of drama, excitement and passionate relationships. If you’re after a fast paced read that’ll keep you on your toes, this is it!

You can purchase #Forfeit at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Find out more about Caroline at her website at www.carolinebatten.co.uk and on Twitter at @daisy_fitz.

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