I want Wednesday (You decide)

Hello everyone! Well, it’s Wednesday again and I’m shocked at how quick the week has gone by. Can we just slow down a bit, please?

Anyway, this week’s I want Wednesday has a little twist – I want you to get involved!

I was thinking the other day about all the books I wanted and also, if my bank balance could cope with it and during this planning session I also thought about you, my readers. At the moment, I feel that my blog has hit a slump and as I value what my readers think and what they want, I thought I’d use I want Wednesday as an opportunity to find out what you want from A Book and Tea.

Do you visit my blog and think it needs something more or do you think I need to change something? I know I blog for my own enjoyment and probably should be thinking of features and improvements myself (which I have) but as a person I care what you all think and if I just changed things that I wanted no one would be a frequent visitor, would they?

Now, it’s over to you… I’d like you to leave a comment starting with ‘I want… and you to fill in what it is that you want from me.

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4 thoughts on “I want Wednesday (You decide)

  1. “I want” seems a bit pushy. But I know what I’d like to see. I’d be interested in knowing how the Book Bloggers interact with each other and also what do you/they think of current trends in publishing. Do you have a view on how publishers/ providers/ readers operate and interact at the present? Has anyone ever organised a book bloggers conference?

  2. Hi! It’s weird telling someone to do more work! Anyway, I was thinking of reviews for old books, written when book bloggers (or blogs) didn’t exist. So, how interesting are so-called classics now?

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