I want Wednesday #3

It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m hoping that everything I list in this post will magically turn up at the end of bed, like Christmas. Surely Santa and the birthday fairy read my posts, right?

Anyway, recently I have been wanting to start a new series of books that not only excite me, but keep me entertained throughout, because most of the time, I get bored. I am reading the House of Night Series and although I enjoyed it at the beginning, it’s turning out to be the worst set of books I’ve ever read; we’re currently on book 11 and still going.

So, I did a little research and asked you lovely lot for your opinions and found the following that I’d like to get involved with.

81S2h9aH1aLThe Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare
I think this one is obvious, isn’t it? I’ve seen hundreds of positive reviews regarding this series and after reading ‘The Infernal Devices‘ I’d quite like to read something else by Cassandra Clare. I’m a keen reader of Fantasy novels so I’m quite excited to give this one a go! I have the first two books in the series, so my wanting is the next few! (Picture Credit: Amazon)

FeverFever – Karen Marie Moning
I was recommended this series by a user from Twitter. (I’m really sorry, I can’t find the Tweet and I’m not sure who told me, but if it is you, please let me know!). Fever is another Fantasy series following the life of MacKayla Lane, a girl trying to find answers about his Sister’s death. (Picture Credit: Amazon)

I know I’m nearly 27, but do you know what I really want to read? A Jacqueline Wilson book. There’s something about reading a book by this author that makes me feel content and all happy inside, maybe it’s because I was young at the time and had no cares in the world!


Lola Rose, Midnight and Love Lessons are probably the three that I’d like to read at the moment. Everyone must know the Girls in Love series, now that was brilliant. There was even a programme on ITV and I really liked that, too. (Picture Credit: Amazon)

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  1. Happy Birthday! These are some great choices, so I hope you get them! I just read the first Mortal Instruments book and thought it was great, and I think everyone loves Jacqueline Wilson! Lola Rose was always one of my favourites, as well as the Girls series, which as you say was brilliant.

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