The £5 challenge!

Will you take the £5 challenge?

The feel of a new book in your hands is great, isn’t it? But sometimes you just don’t have the money – sad face. The question then springs into your mind, can you wait another week for a book? Most of the time the answer is no, you can’t. So, whilst I was comfy one evening I thought about the £5 challenge.

The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is that you only have £5 to spend on books (obviously) but to make it more exciting there will be one topic you have to follow. One week I may suggest that you can only purchase Young Adult, another week only books by the author Cecelia Ahern or even, just books with blue covers. I thought that this element would just add variety to the challenge and make it more like a Treasure Hunt. Plus, you may read something you’ve never thought about before and really enjoy it.

Do you want to get involved? Then read a few FAQ’s below and spread the word! Please use the hashtag #5poundchallenge (even if your currency is not pounds). I will reveal the first topic you need to follow Monday 20th October on my Twitter @abookandtea.

– Is this challenge only for paperback books?
Not at all. There’s no restriction to the format, it can be Paperback, Hardback or even Kindle.

– My currency is not in British Pounds (£)
That’s ok! It can be any currency! You could do the 5 challenge or the $5 challenge, the list is endless.

– The books I’ve purchased total £4.30 (or another amount), is that ok?
Of course, it is! As long as you don’t go over £5, that’s great! It means you can spend the rest on sweets or put it in your Piggy bank.

I look forward to seeing you all get involved!

Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting that you have to spend £5 all the time on books, it’s entirely up to you have often you participate and how much you spend.

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9 thoughts on “The £5 challenge!

      1. There aren’t that many English/American bookstores here (and I prefer to read an English/American book in its original language) and they don’t have many books that are five euros or less 😦 If I do find a book that’s five or less and it follows the theme I’ll participate 🙂

  1. Ok. I have a question. Say if one week you spend £3.32 and you have £1.68 left over can that money be then carried over to the following week so you have £6.68 available?

    x x

    1. I’ll say just £5 each week and if you have any left over don’t include it the next week. It wouldn’t be the £5 challenge otherwise. Hehe. Xx

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