Leaves for Chloe – Pat Elliott

imageFormat: E-Book (PDF – ARC)
Pages: 145 Pages
Series: The Leaves Series

The Blurb
A tea-leaf reading.
A prediction of turmoil, two men fighting over her and a house move.Can your future really be told in a cup?

Chloe is feeling down in the dumps. Her best friend got married, her new boyfriend lives at the other end of the country and her ex won’t leave her alone. Can she ever have a settled love life? She has her fortune told, hoping to find some clues to her future. Her tea cup reading promises a mixed future, with despair, love, new friends and two men fighting for her love. Only when Chloe finds her true self will the future be the happy one she longs for.

Join Chloe as misery strikes, hope returns and the battle for happiness begins.

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Thank you to Pat for sending me a shiny ARC to read and review.

When Pat emailed me asking if I’d like to read Leaves for Chloe, I screamed from the rooftops, of course I was going to say yes. As you all know, I have read the first book in the series, All in the Leaves and loved it, so I was very excited to be reading the second installment.

Leaves for Chloe is an emotional novel filled with many ups and downs, but most of all it’s sweet, humble and relaxing. I really felt for Chloe because she hasn’t had an easy start to her adult life, what with her beloved dog dying and her horrible ex-boyfriend harassing her. I know what it feels like to have lots of bad things happen to you and you just don’t know how to cope and it was the same for Chloe. At first she struggled, and struggled hard, but with the help from her friends, boyfriend Angus, and a beloved new dog, she gets right back onto her feet. She starts cooking, traveling and enjoying little parts of her life.

What I liked most was how Chloe was given the opportunity of a lifetime and encouraged to travel the country in a Camper van; how cool does that sound? I’m not sure I could just up and leave, but Chloe did and I admire her for it. Sometimes you’ve just got to live for yourself and forget what other people think or say about you. Plus, why would Chloe stay somewhere that was making her unhappy? I pictured her traveling around sunny locations, sitting on the beach and drinking lots of tea and eating ice cream. (dependent on the weather, obviously!)

I’m clearly not going to ruin the story for you, but what kept me reading was knowing if Chloe did in fact get her happy ending. I desperately wanted something good to happen to her so she didn’t have experience anymore sadness.

Aside from the novel, I’d just like to say how lovely and inspiring Pat is an author as well as a person. She has inspired me on several occasions to be happy for myself and is always there for you when you need to vent or cry. She’s truly lovely and genuine. I would just like to point out (due to recent bloggers being accused of liking a book based on the feelings on the author) I’m an honest book reviewer and I would never base how much I liked a novel on how much I liked the author, it just so happens that Leaves for Chloe was great and so is Pat, so there!

You can find out more about Pat at her website at www.patelliott.co.uk and on Twitter at @feetpaintwords.

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