The Beauty – Aliya Whiteley

The BeautyFormat: E-book (Kindle)
Publisher: Unsung Stories
Published: September 2014
Pages: 104 Pages

The Blurb
Somewhere away from the cities and towns, a group of men and boys gather around the fire each night to listen to their stories in the Valley of the Rocks. For when the women are all gone the rest of your life is all there is for everyone. The men are waiting to pass into the night.

The story shall be told to preserve the past. History has gone back to its aural roots and the power of words is strong. Meet Nate, the storyteller, and the new secrets he brings back from the woods. William rules the group with youth and strength, but how long can that last? And what about Uncle Ted, who spends so much time out in the woods?

Hear the tales, watch a myth be formed. For what can man hope to achieve in a world without women? When the past is only grief how long should you hold on to it? What secrets can the forest offer to change it all?

Discover the Beauty.

Rating: 4/5

The Review

Your imagination can take you to the best and worst places. It is a ship on a sea of dreams and it’s up to you to steer it.

In the Valley of Rocks all women are dead and the only survivors left are that of men. During the years, the group of men have learnt to look after themselves and live off the land and are quite content with what they have, or so it seems. Nate is fascinated by the mushrooms growing at the graves of the women and seeks information from the group leader Ted. Eventually the mushrooms turn into a form of woman which Nate calls ‘The Beauty’ and they are primarily designed to please men.

Nate is a Storyteller and his stories and imagination often get him into trouble. The group turn on him when The Beauty become part of their everyday lives because most of all they miss their independence. I believe Nate told stories because he wanted to remember the good times and didn’t want to accept that he lived in a world like he did.

I found it quite odd and a little creepy how the men would engage in sexual activity with The Beauty regardless of where they were or whom they we were with, but I guess they were craving female attention and they required it no matter what – I guess if you’d no physical contact for a while you’d do it anywhere.

I have to admit there is no happiness in this book because a lot of people die – mostly through murder – but I still really enjoyed it. I can hear you now ‘how did you enjoy it with people dying?’ and the answer is because it’s well written and thoughtful. You do question things about life when reading The Beauty because it makes you wonder what it would be like. How could you survive without men? Or how could you emotionally and physically deal with creatures who aren’t human living amongst you?

Dystopian novels are fast becoming a favourite genre of mine and I liked how The Beauty helped me confirm that (I’m a happy person, I promise!).

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Find out more about Aliya at her website at and on Twitter at @AliyaWhiteley.

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