Love, Rosie – Cecelia Ahern

Love, RosieFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Collins UK
Published: 2014
Pages: 558 Pages

The Blurb
A story about love. And how life can get in the way…

Sometimes fate just can’t stop meddling…

Best friends since forever, Rosie and Alex have shared their hopes, dreams, awkward moments – and firsts. But their bond is threatened when Alex’s family move to America. They stay in touch, but misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck seem to be conspiring to keep them apart. Can they gamble everything – even their friendship – on true love?

Rating: 5/5

The Review
For those that don’t know ‘Where Rainbows End’ has been re-published to concede with the film release ‘Love, Rosie’. I’ve had a look at both copies and nothing appears to be any different, unless I need a bigger magnifying glass!

Rosie and Alex cannot be separated, they are best friends and want to spend every waking minute with one another. However, as they grow up they slowly want different things, Alex moves to Boston and Rosie has a baby – two separate worlds. Although they are miles apart, they still find time to write to one another daily. (Old school at its best!).

Love, Rosie is written in the form of letters and instant messages which gives you a personal insight into each characters lives. I thought it would be quite hard for me to follow, but you’d be surprised how easy and fun it was to read. The messages made you feel like a fly on the wall just watching what they each got up to.

You find out an awful lot about Rosie’s family which, although is nice, made me wonder why you didn’t get the same from Alex’s? You read about his relationship with his brother, but nothing more than that really. However, out of Rosie and Alex I did prefer reading about Rosie; she had a personality that made it easy for you to love.

Cecelia is a favourite author of mine so it was only natural that I would love, Love, Rosie, but I did find that it was a little predictable considering the plot. However, I will admit I quite liked it; I must be softening and starting to enjoy chick-lit and romance a lot more.

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Find out more about Cecelia at her website at and on Twitter at @Cecelia_Ahern.

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