How do you plan & schedule your blog?

If you know me well enough (and I’m sure you do) you’ll all know that I love to be organised and I often write lists and notes all around the place. Recently, I’ve found myself not being prepared when it comes to blogging and unfortunately having a little bit of a stress. So for 2015 I decided I needed to organise my blog and to plan what I’m going to post – I obviously bought lots of stationary to help me, too!

This post will give you an insight into how I plan and schedule A Book and Tea including some of the Social Media outlets I use. The post might help some of you who are just starting a blog or those that might need a little bit of help (like I did).

So, how do I plan? Find out below.

Sticky Notes BookmarkPaperchase
The Sticky Notes bookmarks are a god send and I use them to make lots of little notes whilst I’m reading. I often find it useful to jot down little points or big moments that happen in the novel so when I write a review I can let you all know about it – obviously there aren’t any spoilers listed! Also, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down quotes so it’s nice to have somewhere to write them rather than onto random scraps of paper.

Cath Kidston Diary
Diary 2015Cath Kidston
I was given the 2015 diary as a gift for Christmas and because it’s a great size I thought I’d use it for blog planning. On the left is a weekly planner and on the right is a handy notes section. As you can see from the picture above I like to use the highlighter to make sure I know where I am.

A monthly TBR pile
This point is obvious to most book bloggers, but it works so well. Lining up your monthly TBR gives you a clear understanding as to what books you need or intend to read. I tend to plan monthly (unless otherwise) and I find having a clear pile helps. I do also have a massive to read pile in general, but I’m sure that’s a post for another day.

Schedule Tweets and Facebook posts with Hootsuite!
Hootsuite is the perfect tool for blogging and I’d highly recommend it to all bloggers out there. We all have busy lives and Hootsuite allows you to schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts for the future. The worst thing you can do is forget to let people know of your activity because how else would they know? It’s really easy to use and you can download the app for your phone or tablet, so you’ll never miss out!

The WordPress App
My blog is hosted on WordPress and I’ve always been a big fan of the software. As mentioned in the Hootsuite point we all have busy lives and using the WordPress app’ to see how your blog is getting on makes things a little easier. When I have a few spare minutes in work (usually lunchtime) I have a look at my blog stats and reply to comments.

I’m curious to know how do you plan your blog? I’d love to hear how you organise your blogging life!

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12 thoughts on “How do you plan & schedule your blog?

  1. oh i have a weekly planner that i fill up when i commit to something, i then prep the post and mark it off. For a review i try to use my book journal but im failing so im hoping ill be better at this year xx

  2. I’ve been really adhoc with my planning, which resulted in being a bit all over the place, and a lot of forgetfulness. I’m trying to train my scatter-brained side to be more organised; so I bought a handy planner! Hopefully I can get in the habit of planning ahead!

  3. You’re so organised, something I wish I could be too but I can never keep up an actual diary for more than a couple of weeks!

  4. I had all big New Year’s plans to be organised and this week I feel like I have been flying by the seat of my pants. Defo need a system. I think my problem is that I have too many books and not enough time!

    I like your organisational skills though. You be rocking the plannage buddy! x x

  5. Great post. I already do the monthly stack of books to read and I find that it helps me focus better on the books I have and almost keeps me on track.

    I use google calendar for keeping track of my blog and have it synced to my iPhone and iPad. I have different colours for different things so I can see at a glance what is coming up. I have things like publication of books I have, books I have requested, scheduled reviews, misc scheduled posts.
    I also have my blog to receive emails and save them as draft, so if I am away from my computer I can write notes on my phone/iPad and email them to my blog and add the finishing touches.

  6. I love this. I’m pretty new to blogging and found it really easy to schedule and get things done at first, but now real life is taking over and I definitely think I need to get more organised. I think a diary is a great idea (and I love using sticky notes for EVERYTHING so I shall be getting some of those too!)

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