Tea leaf reading with Pat Elliott & GIVEAWAY!

Hello everyone! How are we all? Monday is here again and today we’re talking about all things tea, well tea leaf reading to be exact. Pat Elliott, author of All in the Leaves, showcases her tea leaf reading skills and helps you discover what could be in your fortune.

Also, Pat has kindly donated a ‘Leaves for Chloe’ tote bag for a giveaway – you lucky things!

Fortune telling using Tea Leaves
Fortune telling – there can’t be many of us who haven’t had our fortune told in some way.

In medieval times, spatters of wax were used to predict someone’s future. When tea was introduced from China to Europe in the Seventeenth Century, tea leaf reading was born! It has an official name – Tasseography. (Tasse is French for cup)

In my first novel, ‘All in the Leaves’ a young lady called Anna has her tea leaves read and her fortune predicted. In my second, ‘Leaves for Chloe’, her best friend has her fortune told in the same way. The books follow their adventures.

Many will have heard of tea leaf reading for the first time due to a certain boy wizard and a divination class. In that reading, a dog was spotted in the leaves and taken to mean death.
Now, my Irish great-aunt, who taught me to read the leaves, taught me that DOGS are a sign of FRIENDSHIP.

What other things can be seen in a cup – and what do they foretell?

Firstly, a DOG is a sign of FRIENDSHIP, so then, what is death? A CROSS… and sometimes A BED.. as in hospital bed. SHARKS too are ominous signs and RAVENS death for the elderly.

That’s enough of the ominous, let’s concentrate on lovely things.

Birds flying… good news coming. Lots of birds… very important news!

Dots… lots of good fortune coming to you, monetary good fortune!

Duck… wealth will increase via your business.

Flowers… a happy marriage.

Heart… pleasure and happiness to come.

House… success in business.

Leaves… if you see leaves in your tea leaf reading, you are looking at happiness and success.

Leopard… emigration, followed swiftly by success!

Moon… prosperity and fortune.

Oak Tree… very lucky. All good things in life will come to you.

Pig… is a mix of good and bad. A faithful lover, but jealous friends.

Star… good fortune and recognition. Very lucky sign.

Trees when surrounded by Dots… you will make your fortune in the country.

Here is a painting of mine from 2003… can you tell what this cup predicts?
Have fun deciding…


Pat Elliott is the author of All in the Leaves and Leaves for Chloe. The House in the Leaves is currently being written. This will complete The Leaves Series. Both titles are available in all good online book stores. www.patelliott.co.uk | @feetpaintwords.

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