The Other Place – Carol Arnall

The Other Place - Carol ArnallFormat: E-book (Kindle)
Published: September 3rd 2011
Pages: 272 Pages

The Blurb
Chrissie James is a troubled soul: with family problems, unexplained phobias and a stalker to contend with, she seeks help with a hypnotherapist. Whilst in therapy, Chrissie discovers she has led a past life. Will living a previous life help Chrissie to discover the truth of what caused her fears and phobias, and will she find out who is stalking her?

Rating: 3/5

The Review
Thanks to Author Amp for sending me a copy of The Other Place to read and review.

The Other Place is described as a ‘paranormal mystery’ with Chrissie James being the focal-point of the novel. She has a spiritual mind which leads to her having premonitions from a past life. The life she sees is that of a girl named Ella and it transpires that the events from each of their lives connect – Ella feels Chrissie’s pain and vice versa.

I was keen to give the novel a go because I’m slowly becoming a fan of mysteries and more so when they’re linked to the paranormal world. Unfortunately, I have to admit The Other Place left me feeling a little bit deflated and not very spiritually inclined. It took a good a hundred or so pages for me to jump into the story and sometimes I felt that there was repetition of events.

I don’t want to continue this review with negatives, so I’ll move onto the positives. What I liked most was the relationship between Chrissie and her sister Babs’, they loved each other dearly and they always had each others backs. They would have both crumbled if they did not have each another and sad as it sounds one or both would have ended up ending their lives. They had a horrible step-dad who didn’t care for them as his own and favoured his biological children. Plus their mother wasn’t much help either, she was scared of her new husband and when he disappeared she didn’t care for her girls, at all.

Although Chrissie was the focal point you were given detailed descriptions from a variety of characters, Chrissie’s mother, Bab’s (Chrissie Sister) and Ella (Chrissie’s past life) and I’m glad. Personally, I like to find out more about certain characters because they add to the story, granted sometimes it works and others it doesn’t, but with The Other Place it did.

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