Valentine’s Book Love – My top 5 weddings!

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Continuing the love for Valentine’s Book Love I give you my top 5 weddings. It only seems natural that I write about this topic because I got engaged in January 🙂 My wedding isn’t going to be until 2017, but that’s ok because it means I can plan and go to lots of wedding fairs!

I tried incredibly hard to pick weddings that came out of literature, so it’s probably  bad of me to only post one – sorry everyone! You book lovers will probably be shouting your disgust at me right now. If you have any favourites, post in the comments below!

Storm of Swords(Image Credit)
5. The Red Wedding in A Storm of Swords by George R.R.Martin
I haven’t actually read this book, but thanks to the Game of Thrones TV series, everyone knows about The Red Wedding. It was essentially a massive blood bath and audiences everywhere were shocked at what happened, yet to me that’s what makes it top 5 worth – the shock factor. Adding a little excitement  to a wedding is always good, I just wouldn’t advise doing this at yours or any wedding for that matter (I realise I sound creepy, I’m not violent or anything!).

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4. Julie and Robbie from The Wedding Singer.
If you haven’t seen this film, you really should. The Wedding Singer is hilarious and as the name suggests it’s all about Robbie who is a wedding singer. You mainly follow the love life of Julie and Robbie whom have a turbulent relationship. But they do have a happy ending.

Phoebe&MikeWedding(Image Credit)
3. Phoebe and Mike from Friends
You’ll be getting two Friends weddings in this post, but they’re my favourite so there! I love Phoebe and I’m glad she found happiness. She was one of the last Friends characters to find love and it made me teary when she got married to Mike.

Monica and Chandler Marriage(Image Credit)
2. Monica and Chandler from Friends
Why would you not include this in your top 5?  I’m a great big Friends fan and it’s constantly on the TV in my house. Monica and Chandler are the perfect couple and they suit each other so well. The wedding itself was funny, sweet and full of emotion. It’s also the episode that Rachel finds out she’s pregnant!

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Image Credit)
1. Prince William and Kate Middleton
You can’t have a top 5 weddings without mentioning these two, can you? I’m British and the wedding sent the whole of the UK into a frenzy – everyone was actually happy for once! I watched the ceremony on TV and have to say it was beautiful. I know they have lots of money and can afford to be lavish, but still it’s not everyday that such an event can bring a nation together. Plus, it was broadcast to the entire world and that’s another great thing.

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  1. Some epic weddings there! The Red Wedding was highly depressing (!). I loved those from Friends. And I loved that the Royal Wedding brought so many people together.

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