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Wednesday is here and I’m happy it’s the middle of the week. What exciting things have you been up to so far?

I saw this A to Z tag on Jack’s website and I knew I had to give it a go! I love a good question and answer so you’ll probably expect to see more of them on the blog.

The questions and answers below relate to YA novels and YA topics.

A book you wish you owned?
I really wish I had a copy of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

wpid-ensnared.jpgBest YA book cover?
I’ve seen this cover floating around the book blogging world and I think it’s beautiful. Just look at the vibrant colours popping out and of course the guy on the front isn’t too bad either. He’s got striking eyes and curls you’d love to run your hands through.

Could you ever see yourself with any of your favourite characters?
I’d like to say yes, but I think my favourite characters would turn their nose up at me. However, I like to make people laugh so they may like my jokes.

Do you ever wish you could live in a fictional world?
Yes, all the time! I love living in my imagination and if I could live in a happy fictional world then I would. It wouldn’t be pleasant if the world was full of hatred or anything.

Epic battle or love story?
It has to be an epic battle hands down. I don’t mind a love story, but they can get a little same old, so let’s have some fighting!

Favourite YA title you have read so far?
My favourite series is The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr, but I’d have to add 7 Days by Eve Ainsworth and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Ghosts or aliens?
Ghosts because I think they’d be nicer to me. Although, Aliens could tell us about Space and their planet. Hmm, tough decision!

How do you choose which books to buy?
I tend to buy books written by my favourite authors or authors I know of and from reading reviews and recommendations from friends. Sometimes I even pick books at random based on their cover.

If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you choose?
This is a really tough question because I’d love to be a variety of people. I’d like to be Katniss from The Hunger Games or Tessa from The Immortal Instruments Series. They’re both strong women and know how to hold themselves.

Judge books by their covers?
I’m afraid so. We all do and although judgmental it’s not always a bad thing.

Killing characters in YA books – should it be allowed?
Yes, it should. Why delete a death because of the younger audience? If it’s written well and done tastefully then great and also, sometimes it works for the story and a character just needs to die.

Least favourite YA book you’ve read?
I can’t say I have one, I’m sure if you’ve read my reviews one may pop up, but nothing springs to my mind.

Male protagonist or female protagonist?
I tend to go for the male protagonist because a host of female protagonists tend to stick to a ‘girly’ attribute and I hate that. I like my female protagonist to be strong and independent.

Name a YA book you are desperate to read.
I have Landline by Rainbow Rowell on my TBR and I’m DESPERATE to read it. Rainbow Rowell is a great YA author.

One YA book you want everyone to read?
The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr! It’s a set of three, but I love this series and not many people have heard of it.

Pick three fictional characters you’d want on your side in an apocalypse.
Gosh, now you’ve put me on the spot. Katniss from The Hunger Games for obvious reasons,

Quick read or long read?
I think everyone would say a quick read, but if the story is good and I want more I’d say longer.

Reading is essential to a happy life – agree?
Agree! Reading opens your mind and takes your imagination to a variety of places. Plus, I believe that the more you read the more you learn and who doesn’t want to learn?

Series or standalone?
Both have their qualities so I can’t pick :-p

Tell us the most recent book you’ve read
I’ve just finished Dark Days by Kate Ormand, a YA novel about a Dystopian world, it was good!

Under the duvet – scariest book you’ve read?
I don’t do scary, I’m afraid. However, I do like reading under the duvet, does that count?

Vanquish which YA series with a magic wand?
Nothing springs to mind so I wouldn’t vanquish any. I’m sure whoever wrote a novel wouldn’t want their hard work to disappear so that’s my reasoning!

What do you love most about YA fiction?
YA is a genre that anyone can enjoy and although targeted to a certain age group I don’t think you ever feel too old to read them. They focus on a number of issues that teenagers deal with and it’s good that authors are highlighting such things and telling the audience that you’re not alone or it’s ok to feel how you do.

On a personal note it makes me feel young at heart and sometimes a little nostalgia is always good. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never read a YA novel and felt old, but it’s more the topics discussed and what characters get up to.

X marks the spot. Where is your favourite reading spot?
In bed, under the covers with a nice brew or failing that on the sofa with a chunky blanket.

Your house is on fire. Which three books would you save?
To Kill a Mockingbird, Hey Nostradamus and JPod because it’s signed by the author (not YA, but still my house is burning!).

Zombies or vampires?
Vampires, but none of this Twilight rubbish, proper Vampires like Dracula

Now that was definitely a fun tag to answer. What would your answers be?

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  1. Love your answers. I love YA, there are so many great books out there, not read many of the book you mentioned (apart from Twilight lol) I too prefer battle scenes, although if romance is done well it can be really good 🙂
    I may have to do this tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve not read many YA myself so it’s good to branch out a read something new. What are your favourites?

      I’ll look forward to your answers! 🙂

      1. I quite like fantasy too, to Hex Hall is one of my favourites, recently I have got into mystery Gone Too Far and The Thing About Scorpions are my recent favourites 🙂
        I too am trying to branch out and at least read some different YA lol

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