Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? – Lindsey Paley

Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels Book CoverFormat: E-book (Kindle)
Publisher: Purple Heather Publishing
Published: January 10th 2015
225 Pages

The Blurb
Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? Which would you choose?

When stressed out New York executive Rosie Hamilton inherits her Aunt Bernice’s run-down cottage, it couldn’t have come at a better time. With her love life, if she could call it that, exploding in her face and suspension from her job swinging through the corporate jungle, she reckons a couple weeks in Devon could be just the escape she needs from the glamorous, yet trauma-strewn landscape of her life in Manhattan.

But life hidden away in the thatched lodge is dull, and how can she contemplate tackling the jungle of a garden in her Louboutins and Armani skirt suit?

Rosie, uncomfortable with the invasion of privacy masquerading as community spirit, yearns to return to her old life of social indifference, until she stumbles upon her aunt’s old, hand-illustrated recipe book. With no other activity to occupy her time, she bakes, bakes, bakes as if her life depends on it. With no form of transport either, Rosie takes to the road on Bernice’s ancient bicycle, warm Devonshire scones in the wicket basket up front.

She even has time to date! Austin, her aunt’s handsome, sharp-suited solicitor is straight from her New York wish list of boyfriend material; and Charlie, the local luxury Spa Hotel’s general maintenance guy, definitely not her type, irritatingly chirpy and lacking in life’s ambition.

With recipes from Aunt Bernice’s own baking book for you to try at home; Corporate Manhattan or rural Devon? Austin or Charlie? ‘Stiletto Heels or Bicycles Wheels?’ Which would you choose?

Rating: 3/5

The Review
Thank you to the author Lindsey for sending me a copy to read and review.

Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? follows the life of Rosie, a busy New Yorker who spends more time caring about others than she does herself. She is slave to her fast-paced job and hates it with a passion!

Rosie was needed by a lot of people and most of the time they were using her for her generosity. It was sad to read because you felt quite sorry for her. All Rosie wanted from life was to be happy and she didn’t really get a lot of happiness. The only person that was 100% there for her was her Aunt Bernice and sadly she passed away (this isn’t a spoiler). I think Rosie should have moved to Devon well before her New York adventure because she would  have experienced so much more and not have to rely on money.

When Rosie went to Devon she had quite the experience, she learnt to cook, found out about the countryside and meet a variety of people. I liked how there were recipes embedded into the novel and you could attempt to bake Aunt Bernice’s creations – Rosie had a difficult time baking so maybe you could do a better job hehe.

Overall, I enjoyed Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? but there were a few elements that  annoyed me and I couldn’t quite get them out of my head.

1) Rosie had money and she worked hard for it, but did we need a designer label assigned to every pieces of clothing or an accessory? No, we did not. You knew Rosie’s place of work was draped with money, we didn’t need our noses rubbed in it.

2) Rosie was a push-over and I was very frustrated with how people treated her and the worst thing was, she let people do it! Her sister Freya was a complete bitch and Rosie just let her get away with it. I certainly wouldn’t have done that if I’d have planned her wedding!

You can purchase Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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