What I read this February

Hello you lovely bunch, how are we all doing? Good, I hope! I know I always say this, but how fast do the months go? February is only 28 days, yet I still feel like 2015 is running away from me!

In other months I have given myself a challenge of how many books I should read and sadly never reach the target. However, in February I didn’t suggest a number to read and felt less stressed. We all have busy lives and you just don’t know what each day will bring and I found giving myself a number to read made me a little panicked and I felt like I was letting people down – how silly is that? Anyway, in February I read a total seven books and I was happy with that!


The seven books I read were (click the links to read the review);
The Restoration of Otto Laird by Nigel Packer
7 Days by Eve Ainsworth
The Other Place by Carol Arnall
Dark Days by Kate Ormand
Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels? by Lindsey Paley
Geek Love by Katherine Dunn – Review to be posted 5th March 2015
Hero by Samantha Young – Review to be posted 9th March 2015

For the 2015 reading challenge (click link for more info on the challenge) I scribbled off the following:

  • A book with a number in the title
  • A book with bad reviews
  • A book that made you cry

Trying to complete a challenge read is now becoming harder, I need to sit down and think about what books I’ll need to read. The hardest one is trying to find a book about/from my hometown – I used to live in a place called Mold; I very much doubt there’s a fictional book written about there. If you need of one, please let me know! I’ll reward you with sweets 😉

What did you read this short February? Let me know in the comments below!

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