My March TBR

I’d like to start this post by wishing everyone a Happy St David’s Day or for the Welsh among you, Hapus Dydd Gwyl Dewi!

I start a new job tomorrow so I’ve decided that my March TBR list is going to be considerably smaller than normal. The hours and type of work I’ll be doing won’t be much different than normal, it’s just that I’m adding a daily commute to my working day (sad face).  This main factor may not even have any impact to my reading, but just to be on the safe side I’m giving myself a small list.

The following books are what I intend to read (I had to choose wisely!)


Bedside Manners by Phoebe Fox
The Lair by Nora Roberts
Age Sex Location by Melissa Pimental
Landline by Rainbow Rowell
The Hen that dreamt she could fly by Sun-mi Hwang

What’s on your March TBR? Are there some exciting books you want to scream about? Let me know 🙂

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6 thoughts on “My March TBR

  1. Happy St. David’s Day to you too. I will be buying a bunch of Daffs to celebrate. Best of luck in your new job, hope its enjoyable and fulfilling. Great list of books there for you to read, you never know you may get to read more as you commute? I haven’t heard of most of them, but Landline is supposed to be good. Let us know. 🙂

  2. I will look forward to your comments on The Hen book – an intriguing title!
    Had you thought about audio books for commuting? I used to have a 50 minute each way walk and bus commute which was much improved by the addition of headphones and someone telling me a story.

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