The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George

The Little Paris BookshopFormat: Paperback ARC
Publisher: Abacus Books
Published: 16th April 2015
Pages: 300 Pages

The Blurb
On a beautifully restored barge on the Seine, Jean Perdu runs a bookshop; or rather a ‘literary apothecary’, for this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers.

The only person he is unable to cure, it seems, is himself. He has nursed a broken heart ever since the night, twenty-one years ago, when the love of his life fled Paris, leaving behind a handwritten letter that he has never dared read. His memories and his love have been gathering dust – until now. The arrival of an enigmatic new neighbour in his eccentric apartment building on Rue Montagnard inspires Jean to unlock his heart, unmoor the floating bookshop and set off for Provence, in search of the past and his beloved.

Rating: 5/5

The Review
Thank you to Poppy from Abacus for sending me a copy to read and review.

Meet Perdu, a man in his fifties who owns a book barge calked The Literacy Apothecary. He lives the French life in the city of Paris. His barge is full of inspiring classics and books belonging to your wildest dreams, but the best thing about the barge is that Perdu will match your personality to any book and if you don’t like it, tough you’ll appreciate it later. He medicates people with the euphoria of books and usually makes people happy. I find it quite nice that he paired a book to a person based on their feelings and emotions, something he would have thought deeply about. Overall, it’s a case of some books inspiring a mind and others failing to ignite.

Although Perdu lives a relatively happy life on the barge and in his Parisian flat, he is still habouring a inner secret – the loss of a loved one. The novel unfolds from this point on throwing a host of a emotions and twist and turns for Perdu something he struggles to deal with.

In one part my heart broke and I actually got very teary when Perdu opened the letter. I can’t believe for all those years he thought his world was crashing down when in fact it was full of hope. It’s one moment in life where I just want to step into the book and give him a great big hug – Poor Perdu that’s all I can say.

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Find out more about Nina at her website at and on Twitter at @nina_george.

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