Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

wpid-red_queen_book_cover_a_p.jpgFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Orion Publishing
Published: 12th February 2015
Pages: 383 Pages

The Blurb
This is a world divided by blood – red or silver.

The Reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers. And to Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, it seems like nothing will ever change. That is, until she finds herself working in the Silver Palace.

Here, surrounded by the people she hates the most, Mare discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own.

One that threatens to destroy the balance of power.

Fearful of Mare’s potential, the Silvers hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess, now engaged to a Silver prince. Despite knowing that one misstep would mean her death, Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, and bring down the Silver regime.

But this is a world of betrayal and lies, and Mare has entered a dangerous dance – Reds against Silvers, prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart…

Rating: 3.5/4

The Review
Mae Barrow is red blooded and in the eyes of the Kingdom she is worth nothing. Silver blood is what you need to survive and sadly Mae and her family are just not important. However, Mae does not like to sit around and accept the life she leads and so ends up secretly joining the Red Guard – a group intending to destroy the Silvers.

The Red Queen has been floating around the blogging world an awful lot and each and every one of us has been very excited to obtain a copy. However, it’s sad to say that I rated the novel 3.5 out of 5. It wasn’t because it was terrible, but more that it dropped in pace a few times. You sometimes willed the story to jump back into excitement – I felt that the descriptions of Mae and her training probably weren’t needed as much.

The Red Queen is everything you expect from a YA fantasy novel – drama, fighting and love. These three elements made it enjoyable for me and although people were divided by blood they shared the same feelings. When a nation is forced to behave a certain way you can guarantee there will be a form of rebellion. The Red Guard were the ones to stand up to the Silvers and wanted to return the kingdom to an equal.

There is a huge level of betrayal that radiates from the novel and it makes you realise that you shouldn’t trust anyone – especially not a Prince!

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