Catch Me If You Cannes Part 2 by Lisa Dickenson

The second part in this hilarious four-part romantic comedy, from the author of You Had Me at Merlot and The Twelve Dates of Christmas – winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award

Catch me if you CannesFormat: Ebook (Kindle)
Publisher: Sphere
Published: 11th May 2015
Pages: 80 Pages

The Blurb
Jess had been feeling on top of the world – she’d had the best night out with Bryony, making lots of fabulous new friends, and she’d MET A BOY! Now, all of a sudden, her carefully constructed (if slightly exaggerated) facade is about to come tumbling down. She’s had a taste of how the other half live and she’s not ready to give it up just yet – especially if it means also giving up Leo. But how long can Jess and Bryony continue pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes before they’re in too deep?

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Well hello part two, thanks for making me laugh out loud and all in a good way!

Lisa does this amazing thing where you just keep wanting more. Catch Me If You Cannes is told in four parts and although each are only 80 Pages long (approx) you always enjoy reading. Lisa’s writing style is welcoming and warm with added humour along the way – a great style to have.

I mentioned in my part one review that I loved Jess and Bryony and I still do. They each have their own traits with a good level of character development. They’re your typical girls on holiday, but you don’t find them annoying or overly excited, they’re people I’d like to hang around with.

Within part two Bryony is researching about the dark side of the Cannes Film Festival and unearths some information that could dampen Jess’s feelings for new love interest Leo. Could Leo be involved in a seedy operation or has Bryony got the wrong man? I desperately need to find out because if Leo is part of the dark side, Catch Me If You Cannes is going to be juicer than it already is.

Come at me part three!

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