Catch me if you Cannes Part 4 by Lisa Dickenson

image The final part in this hilarious four-part romantic comedy, from the author of You Had Me at Merlot and The Twelve Dates of Christmas – winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award.

Format: Ebook (Kindle)
Publisher: Sphere
Published: 25th May 2015
Pages: 80 Pages

The Blurb
Just one week ago, Jess was safely tucked away in her quiet seaside home, running her cafe and not really doing much of anything. So what on earth has happened between then and now that has her stealing a superyacht from Cannes marina?

Leo. Leo happened.

Jess doesn’t want to believe what everybody is saying about him. He’s her Leo, with his lazy smile, soft kisses and firm hugs, and she knows he’s a good man. But she can’t deny that something isn’t quite right so she just needs some time to figure things out. All Jess did was fall in love with a boy who liked Nutella. How has it come to this?

Rating: 5/5

The Review
Thanks once again to Sphere and Little Brown for allowing me to read and review the four part series. You can read my reviews of each part – part 1, part 2 and part 3.

As always I am going to praise the author Lisa for writing this fabulous collection of novels because they were funny and emotional, with you always wanting more. I love Lisa’s writing style too, it draws you in, gives you lots of happiness and then requires you to read more of Lisa’s novels.

During Catch Me If You Cannes, Jess and Leo form a romantic relationship and within each part you see their developments. However, nothing runs smoothly in the world of celebrity and being at the Cannes Film Festival means they both lie about who they are. You know right from the beginning who Jess is (reader advantage) but with Leo you’re guessing from part 1 what he’s up to.

I obviously won’t spoil it all for you because you NEED to read each, but it’ll all come together who Leo is and you’ll feel all gooey inside that maybe things end up happily ever after.

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