Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse

“He used to say that one man couldn’t change the world, but he was wrong, he changed her world, made it a better place.”

imageFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publish Date: 2nd July 2015
Pages: 368 Pages

The Blurb
Once upon a time, Jacks Morgan had dreams.

She was going to have a successful career and travel the world. She would own a house on the beach, and spend long nights with her boyfriend strolling under the stars.

But life had other ideas. First Martha came along, then Jonty. Then Jacks’ elderly mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to move in. Now their little terrace in Weston-super-Mare is bursting at the seams.

Jacks’ dreams were put on hold long ago. But if she can save up enough to give her teenage daughter a bright future, then all her sacrifice will be worth something… won’t it?

Rating: 5/5

The Review
Thank you to Midas PR for sending me a copy to read and review.

Perfect Daughter will be the first novel I have read of Amanda’s and I can definitely say that this certainly won’t be my last – I am a big fan.

You meet Jacks (Jacqueline) a mother to two children, Martha and Jonty, and wife to the loving Pete. Not only is she a homemaker, she too has to care for her mother who is suffering from Dementia.

The novel is told in both the present day and in various occasions within Jack’s past – usually when she is a teenager and growing up. You learn about the volitile relationship she has with her parents and also how she has confused feelings for her first love Sven and her now husband Pete.

Overall, the novel is joyful and although it is laced with upsetting situations it doesn’t feel sad, more emotional – if that makes any sense? You feel like you’re a fly on the wall in Jack’s family life which is very realistic. Sometimes families are unnaturally described with everything being perfect and we all know this isn’t the case – this family fights, laughs and cries. I really like their family and their relationships with one another, it makes me feel content.

I’m going to sound awfully callous but I really didn’t like Jack’s mother Idna, even with her Dementia. Without her illness Idna was horrible to Jack’s and didn’t sugarcoat her feelings – “Sometimes you can be selfish and selfish people are hard to love.” – you just wouldn’t say that to your own daughter!

Be prepared to learn about lots of their family secrets because you’re constantly surprised at what arises. Amanda does a fantastic job at keeping the novel fresh and fun – you don’t ever like you know what’s about to happen or feel that you’ve read it all before – it’s fantastic.

Perfect Daughter was fun, emotional and enlightening. If you haven’t read any of Amanda’s novels before, definitely give them a go!

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  1. I haven’t read anything by Amanda Prowse yet but so many people have nothing but good things to say about her, I think I might need to! This book sounds a good place to start, thanks for sharing.

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