Let me take a shelfie

Well, a bad one at that 😉

I’ve always wanted to show the world my bookshelves, but never really been happy with how they were displayed… until now. Granted I am terrible at taking a photo, but hey, I think they look good!

This is bookshelf number one.

It’s the smaller of the two and holds a majority of the books I’ve already read and a few ornaments that mean something to me. Plus, as you can see, there are lots of photo frames full of family snaps. Tom and I are currently in the process of putting up pictures in the house, so until we sort out the arrangement on the walls, all our photos are housed on my bookshelves.


And here’s bookshelf number two.

As you can see this is the taller of the two. It houses lots of books and probably most of them I haven’t even thought about reading – my evergrowing TBR list. Again it showcases a variety of ornaments and photos, and maybe even a few Hello Kitty’s sneaking in there too.

Both bookcases are in a room that we call ‘the library’ – I love the sound of that hehe – it’s the smallest of our spare rooms, but I intend to put as many bookcases in there as possible. What do you think? A good idea.

Show me your shelfies

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7 thoughts on “Let me take a shelfie

  1. Lovely shelves! My bookcase gets so messy, I really should tidy it up – maybe I should post a shelfie to force myself to do it!

  2. Your bookcases are so tidy! I’m terrible for ramming in books horizontally over vertical ones, or in front of them! How do you categorise your shelves? Do you put same kind of fiction together or just put whatever fits the shelf?!

    1. If I took closer photos I’m sure you’d see that they don’t all fit neatly on shelves 😉 The only category I have is read and need to read! Let me see your shelfie 😊

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