The Fake Celebrity in China by Robert Black


Format: E-book (Kindle)
Publisher: Snake Scorpion
Published: 2011
Pages: 262 pages

The Blurb
The author’s first novel, a tale of debauchery – sex, booze and drugs, which follows the experiences of an English teacher in China during the happy “boom times” when China won the right to host the Olympics and was accepted into the World Trade Organization. Written in a frank but humorous style, this work provides many insights into modern Chinese society.

Rating: 3/5

The Review
Thank you to Publishing Push for sending me a copy to read and review. Publishing Push is an agency that supports unknown indie authors and I love that about them. I’m always open to read new and exciting things and have read a variety from the agency. However, The Fake Celebrity in China wasn’t my cup of tea. I was in two minds whether or not I was going to finish it, but I carried on like a trooper and read it all.

The Fake Celebrity in China was about a middle-aged Kiwi man who embarks on a new adventure in China, teaching English. You learn about what he gets up to and the culture of Chinese people. I, for one, was not at all interested in his sexual exploits and I felt like he was a complete idiot. He would be the type of person who thinks he is God’s gift to mankind, when in fact he’s just a loser. However, I think he was a troubled man and probably suffered at the hands of other people. I read another review that suggested he had a jaded lifestyle and I would definitely agree.

The novel is honest and although not my favourite, written well and descriptive. If you’re after a little something different The Fake Celebrity in China is for you.

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