Juvie by Steve Watkins

You wake up every morning, no matter what happened the day before…

Format: Paperback
Published: 1st January 2015
Publisher: Walker Books
Pages: 311 Pages

The Blurb
Sadie has always been the responsible one… Not like her older sister Carla.

Caught up in a drug deal – wrong place, wrong time – Sadie has to take the blame to keep Carla out of jail.

Sadie was supposed to get community service; instead she is sentenced to six months in juvie.

She has sacrificed everything for her sister. Can Sadie find the strength to forgive her, too?

Rating: 5/5

The Review
Sadie experiences first-hand what it’s like being stuck in a small space with so many people she doesn’t like, and why is that? Because of her sister Carla. It’s no secret that Sadie took the blame for all that happened and it’s no secret that Juvie is going to be hard for her. As someone mentioned on a Goodreads review, it has an Orange is the New Black kinda feel – not that I’ve ever seen the show, but I doubt it’s that different.

Juvie is told through the eyes of Sadie where you learn about her past before Juvie, and also the present whilst she lives behind bars. The main thing that Sadie learns from the experience is that she should trust no one – each girl has a host of problems and lies to sound better than they are. Other than her own innocence the girls are in juvie for bad crimes and sometimes Sadie forgets that.

When learning about Sadie’s life, pre-juvie, I loved the relationship she had with her niece Lulu and her Mother. They all had a natural bond filled with love and they cared about one another dearly. I would say Carla was included in this, but I’d be lying, she was irresponsible, uncaring and selfish. Carla did change near the end of the novel, but I’m not sure how much of that was for Sadie’s benefit.

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